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Meeting Dr. Edward O. Wilson: A reminder of the important work to be done

From the blog: www.YourOutdoorFamily.com


I became a fan of Dr. Edward O. Wilson in the late 1990s while I was working at the Chattanooga Arboretum & Nature Center, an environmental education center and arboretum in Southeast Tennessee. A Harvard professor for four decades, Wilson is an entomologist who has,…


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Every spring, I pass by yards full of daffodils and wish my yard was full of daffodils too. I especially like the way these bright spring flowers look scattered throughout a lawn or field. Last fall…

Every spring, I pass by yards full of daffodils and wish my yard was full of daffodils too. I especially like the way these bright spring flowers look scattered throughout a lawn or field.

Last fall I decided to buy and plant bulbs: daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. (…


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Carlsbad Art Farm Supporting Local Schools and Organizations

Did you know Carlsbad Art Farm is a supporter of local schools and organizations through donations to silent auctions. Every year, we donate 10 certificates good for one-week at Art Farm summer camp.

This year we have donated certificates to Rancho Santa Fe Community Center, St. Patrick’s School in [...]


Did you know Carlsbad Art Farm is a supporter of…


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The Power of Story

A quick scan of today’s online New York Times reveals the usual plethora of stories. Among them: News Corporation chief Rupert Murdoch seeks to deflect allegations that he bribed British officials; Pakistan test-fires a nuclear-capable missile; ethnic biases are now shifting in South Los Angeles; and a Dartmouth frat receives a 3-term probation punishment for hazing.


Why do hundreds of millions of people each day follow the news, read fiction, watch television, and line up to…


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Getting Kids Connected to National Parks

One of the best ways to celebrate National Parks Week is to introduce kids to our National Parks and Monuments. 

Many families are not aware of the Jr. Ranger programs offered at more than 200 of the National Parks and Monuments.  These programs offer kids the opportunity to explore the parks and do hands-on activities.  In addition to in-park programs, kids can also become…


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Lyrid Meteor Shower May be Best in Years

The Lyrid meteor shower, expected to peak late Saturday night and into Sunday morning over North America, promises one of its best shows in years, astronomers say. Especially beneficial is Saturday's near-moonless night. The Lyrids are set to peak after midnight, early April…


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Everyday Things to do Outdoors

Want the kids to get outdoors more often, but not sure how to make that happen?

We've got 8 ideas for taking everyday 'indoor activities' outside.

Making these small changes on a daily basis can easily increase your time outdoors without feeling like you need to "make time" to do it!

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The 3 Es of Nature Connection

In just the past couple of weeks, the children-in-nature crisis has been featured in the New York Times, the LA Times, and on the BBC wireservice. Driven by the heroic work of Richard Louv, the Children & Nature Network, and many others, high profile media coverage is getting the word out. Childhood in this country is dysfunctional, even broken—and so too is our society. Rampant obesity, attention deficit disorder, and diabetes; depression, skyrocketing school dropout, and…


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Nature is vast in its beauty as it is diverse in its wildlife!

Nature is vast in its beauty as it is diverse in its wildlife! I am passionate about Mother Nature and love to promote conservation through my efforts to connect youth to the outdoors. I developed my roots early on by reading National Geographic magazines and following the stories of my childhood hero, Dr. Jane Goodall. This week I have entered a challenge through Disneynature, which is promoting their new movie Chimpanzee, opening on Earth Day!

Share in my excitement as I post facts…


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Follow or Chase?

I found myself having a familiar conversation the other day. At Schoolmates, we have a resident peacock. His name is Pickles. Pickles belongs to the farm behind the school and is free to roam. He often roams…


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One Teacher, One School, One Community

I love my job. I get to be outside wandering through streams and navigating forests with some of the most incredible human beings,..children. I can not tell you how much I learn from my young friends in a simple blog post. I have learned patience, compassion, self efficacy, resilency, and the process of healing.  For the last 7 months I have been working with a…

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8th Annual Free Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration - Marin County, California, 4/21/12

8th Annual Free Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration

Saturday April 21, 2012, 11am - 3pm, south end of Stinson Beach, Marin County, California

For full information, including photos from past years, carpooling info, etc., see the event page:


You can also RSVP and spread the news via the Facebook Event:…


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The Owl Pellet

During a recent class hike to Berry Berry Island, I found an owl pellet on the side of the trail. I know a little bit about owl pellets and have heard stories of people finding owl pellets, but I had never seen one. What I saw on the ground was a dark gray felty-looking oval-shaped lump speckled with white shapes.

Ben, a boy in my class, was with me when I found the pellet. I…


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Trenython Manor has won RCI's European Green Award


Following the recent visit of Professor Peter Burns to your resort and his subsequent report back to RCI, I am

delighted to announce that you have been selected as one of three resorts in Europe who have demonstrated

exceptional sustainable practices and are therefore the recipients of a RADA RCI Green Award.

An extract from the report submitted by Professor Burns stated that “Resort based hotels have…


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Distracted Pedestrians

Safety First: Helmets While Hiking

As an April Fool’s Day joke (kind-of), Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter unveiled the first ever…


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