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Feeding the Ducks with Daddy

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Feeding the Ducks with Daddy

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Camping with a One Year Old. Should I or Shouldn't I?

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Camping with a One Year Old. Should I or Should't I?

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Interview with Cory Ramsey, Manager of Equine Programs at Achievement Centers for Children’s Camp Cheerful - Connecting with Nature on Horseback - Part Two

April is National Autism Month. Autism is a neural development disorder characterized by both verbal and non-verbal communication impairments, hyper focus on narrowly restricted areas of interest and repetitive speech patterns and behaviors. The number of children diagnosed with autism has been increasing dramatically since the 1980’s and the prevalence of children on the autism spectrum is currently thought to be approximately 1 in…


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Our Very Hungry Caterpillars - Part I

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Birds All Year Round

"Ann, I saw a tufted titmouse at my feeder this morning."

"I saw a red-bellied woodpecker at my suet feeder."

"I saw a red-tailed hawk in a tree."

"Me too."

This is how I am greeted at school each morning. Melissa and I are teaching the Explorers about birds and, wow, are they learning. In late October, we put a bird feeder in a classroom window. Tufted…


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Earth Day Resolutions to Boost Your Environmental Awareness

Have you ever wondered how your personal lifestyle impacts the environment? If we hope to instill a love of nature in our children, we must lead by example. 

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd …the perfect time to take stock of our personal ecological footprint and create a list of eco-friendly resolutions. Especially since our New Year’s list has most likely been lost in the shuffle by this time. 

Five Easy Ways to Get Started…


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Kisumu multipurpose center commitments

Friends of Kisumu Center are groups of people around the world who make it possible for Kisumu center to continue reaching out to homeless children in Kenya. With their endless passion, creative local fundraising efforts, and generous personal support, Friends of  Kisumu Center ensure administrative expenses can be kept at a minimum, and as much funding as possible can go directly to help the children.

As a Friend of Kisumu center volunteer, you will become part of the kisumu center…


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Kids In the Woods Initiative - Registration Week Event!

   Kids In the Woods Initiative—K.I.W.I. 

Registration Week continues!

 Please join us in beautiful Rouge Park on Wednesday morning, April 17 @ 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM, or Saturday, April, 20 @ 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM for our Registration Days!We are excited to meet you and your child, as we…


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Dirty Ditches and Puddle Play

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As Winter Wanes

As winter wanes here are two books to put on the winter reading list for next year.

Earlier this winter, Jessica, our local librarian, visited the Explorer’s classroom. She always chooses fun, beautiful, interesting books that have a nature theme or are just off the presses.

Librarians are a great resource when looking for books to share with children.  And nature-based books provide a wonderful way to introduce and connect children to nature.

These are the…


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Teaching Empathy and Respect for All Living Beings

Teaching respect for all living beings, as well as for each other, for our families and for ourselves is paramount to the Cedarsong Way. We were so encouraged to hear a 2 year old caution the other kids not to step on a bug and a 4 year old then chime in "because it’s a living being". One day, we noticed a root becoming exposed by our digging and talked about it with the children. We collectively decided to move to another digging spot to protect the plant’s root. We teach the children how…


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