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What to do about the bluebird?

We have a pair of bluebirds that happily live in our front yard. They have a house on the hill and have successfully fledged at least 3 groups of babies since we put the house up last year. On Thursday, Dave came to the back door holding the mama bluebird. She has a hurt wing and can not fly. We put her in a covered box with a blanket in the bottom. Next, I started to hunt for the…


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What's Your Childs Favourite Outdoor Activity?



A few weeks ago I had the privilege of sharing time outdoors with a class from Peachland Elementary. I was visiting the school to help promote the "Let's Go Outside Revolution". Schools and teachers can play a big part in helping children connect with nature. Here are just a few of the topics we will cover for the video series.

  • Bringing nature to the classroom.
  • Green your schoolyard - start a vegetable…

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My effort in bringing back our kids to Nature

Thiresi Lama Hamuwa (Fun through Nature kids club) is the newly formed group for kids under age of 15 by ECO-V. This was a dream coming true for me as I have been planning to start an educational session for kids who were associated with ECO-V. I designed a separate environmental educational package for them with my new experience gained by working with children in Australia. After two months of my return, I am happy that I was able to start it. As a trial, I organized the New Year…


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From the Top of North America - One Dad's Climb Up Denali

My husband left to climb Denali (Mt. McKinley), North America's tallest peak, yesterday. It is an amazing experience for our 2.25 year-old son to be part of the preparation process for such an exciting life adventure that his "Bop" is setting out on. I'll be updating our family's blog: Two and a Half in a Blue Cataraft,…


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Learning From My Outdoor Parenting Mistakes

Last May, we made a bad parenting mistake. We let our younger son ride The Ribbon. The Ribbon is a gorgeous expanse of slickrock high above our valley which connects to a series of singletrack trails ending near our home. Our older son loves this ride and he was pretty sure his brother would love it too. Dad was enthusiastic and so without a second thought, I drove them to the trailhead and dropped them off.…


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Today's Trek with the Taiga Trekkers

Hilltop X-country Ski Trails

In Anchorage we treat everyday like this one as if it is summer...… Continue

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Falcon Watch - Big Chicks

The eyasses are changing very fast.

Here they are a few days ago showing more down …………

Now they are nearly as big as their parents and are beginning to step out of the nestbox and explore their skyscraper ledge. “Ledge-walking”…


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Looking for a Nature Director

I work at a wonderful Y camp in Putnam Valley NY

We are in dire need of a Nature Director!  If you know of anyone interested that lives in the Westchester/Putnam area of NY who is looking for a fun and awesome summer job please contact our director, Mary Gifford-Smith @1-845-526-0808

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Take It Outside - Seeing Green

Turn off the screens—the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day to day-tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside. Each week I will challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the world!…


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Nature and Health Principles: You Can't Always Get What You Need

In the Nature Principle,  Richard Louv asserts the more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need, and illustrates multiple ways to bring nature back into our everyday lives.…


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Falcon Watch - Celebrate Endangered Species Day Today

Today is Endangered Species Day. Last year, the United States Senate unanimously passed a resolution declaring the third Friday of May each year to be celebrated as Endangered Species Day. We can celebrate by watching the peregrine falcons, a species that has recovered from near extinction and is a great success story.

What a difference a few days make! One…


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Fun Spring Reading

Lois Ehlert is the author and illustrator of many wonderful children’s book, most having to do with nature. She creates the art for her books by cutting and pasting paper, fabric and objects onto the pages.

I have chosen two of Ehlert’s books to read…


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The Nature Kids Kickstarter Campaign!

Last week I posted my first C&NN Blog to tell everyone about a new movie I am producing called Nature Kids. This week I launched an fundraising campaign to help complete the project.  Please see the link below to see a new video and read about all the unique rewards we are offering to those who support Nature Kids!…


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Get Growing - Mayapples

The mayapple is a plant with a secret, and children love secrets. A native perennial that grows in moist, rich soil, the mayapple is found in woods, thickets, and pastures.  If you plant mayapples in your yard, give them some space, as they will spread out and, over time, produce large patches. Mayapples appear before the trees leaf out in spring. When the plant…


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How to remove a tick. Learn a little about bug sprays.

As a general pediatrician and a travel medicine physician, I am asked frequently to remove ticks in my office or to give advice over the phone about tick removal. I have receive quite a few calls over the last few weeks about tick bites, and it seems the ticks are out in large numbers this year.


Start with a pair  of tweezers. Clean the tweezers with alcohol, if possible.  Eye brow tweezers are probably fine, but you can buy tick removal tweezers at many outfitters.  Keep a…


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World Health Organization Announces Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020

An international committment to decrease traffic accidents around the world is just  beginning.  As we thaw out this spring, and start to travel near and far with our kids, we are thankful for our many modern advances in traffic safety.  Car seats,  antilock brakes, crash zones, shoulder harnesses  etc are available to families in most modern countries.


If you travel outside of the country, remember to take car seats for children, choose a driver carefully, avoid drunk ,…


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Falcon Watch - The Chicks are Banded

SW and Boomer’s eyasses were banded today by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Because peregrine falcons were on the List of Endangered Species for 30 years and because they are still rare, the birds are banded so that they may be tracked and studied in the future. Our thanks to the Ohio Division of Wildlife for their care of the species.

This year the steel…


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Getting the C&N Party Started in SWFL

Today I presented a session called "How Libraries Can Connect Children & Adults to Nature" at the Southwest Florida Library Network Paraprofessional Day - challenging them to take the lead. More about it here.

Do you know of…


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Get Growing - Peas and Greens

All winter I look forward to the new planting season. Yet each year I am surprised by how early it can start, and I have to rush to catch up. Peas,…


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