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Nature Classes-Celebrating the Circle of Life


Getting ready for my nature art classes is always very exciting.


Of course the real magic begins when the children arrive. When children and nature mix, something magical happens.

To celebrate the International Year of the Forest, I decided to hold my nature classes in a forest setting this year.


Finally got to hang up the Little Humbugs Forest…


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Slow Down for Summer: Join me for a Webinar June 30th and Find out How


Yearn to slow down and fully enjoy summer? I will share lots of great ideas Thursday, June 30, 11 am Pacific Time, 2 pm Eastern Time in the U.S., in a Slow Down for Summer webinar hosted by…


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Calling all Cragbabies

What’s a cragbaby, you might ask? Is it a child with professional climbers as parents that is born with a silver carabiner in his mouth, destined to become the next thrill-seeking, adrenaline junkie prodigy? Not necessarily. I like to use the moniker of “cragbaby” to refer to any little guy or gal who doesn’t remember his first time in the woods – whether it be climbing, camping, hiking, etc. He doesn’t remember it because to him being outdoors enjoying nature is something his family has…


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Get Growing – Facts about Sunflowers

Children love giants and they love to know facts—especially nature facts they think no one else knows. Sunflowers deliver on both counts. Some varieties of sunflowers grow to 12 feet high. They are fast growing plants that almost grow before your eyes.

Share the facts below with your children, and I bet you will soon hear them quizzing their friends and grown-ups…


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Getting Outside: Family Hiking On the Colorado National Monument

My niece was visiting last week from the Denver area. She is 8 years old, full of energy and loves to be outdoors. So do I. So on Saturday, despite the threat of rain, my mom and I took her hiking on the Colorado National Monument. Here is our report from the Devil's Kitchen Trail.

1. Lots of Prickly Pear Blossoms. As the…


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Structure is Freedom (except when it's not)

Does a playground need to cost millions and come in a box with boundary lines and instructions?  …


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Butterflies..and caterpillars

Our ECO-V kids and Nature programme is very popular among the kids and parents now. Last week I got a call from one parent. She said that her 8 years daughter is refusing to go for a party and to visit her family just because its the date for "Fun through Nature" programme. usually I conduct it on Sundays evening. I was so amazed and touched by that kid's concern. I never thought that they would be attached to the programme. So isn't it wonderful?. 

In last week, ECO-V "Fun through…


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Take It Outside – I wonder what’s under …?

Turn off the screens—the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day-to-day tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside. Each week I will challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the world!…


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Falcon Watch - Farewell

This year two fledglings had to be rescued by volunteer peregrine nest monitor, Mr. Scott Wright. The picture above shows Soarer just after she rode the elevator with Mr. Wright and was placed back in her nest. When the juveniles first fledge, they fly to and from nearby ledges and roofs. This is Savvy…..…


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Then UNPLUG and step OUTSIDE  into the REAL WORLD.


And it's waiting for you. Mother Nature wants to share her magic with you.


It really is that SIMPLE!

This is a video of our first Revolution event-inspiring others to change the way children spend their time.



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Why Your Yard Shouldn't Go Disney


I don’t usually weigh-in on such things. but the premise of HGTV’s new show, My Yard Goes Disney, really ticks me off. We’re talking full Grass Stain Guru White Trash Fit.


And mind you, nobody loves a fabulous gay making over a house on a $2,000 budget…


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Falcon Watch - 3 Chicks Fly!

The girls have now joined their brother in fledging. Volunteer nest monitor Mr. Scott Wright tells us the young falcons have been “flapping machines” as they have been working to strengthen their muscles.


On Monday Mr. Wright had to rescue Soarer from the 4th floor roof of the Terminal Tower, which is directly below the nest, and then move her back to the…


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Get Growing - Watermelon

Planting watermelon in a backyard garden is rewarding and fun. Planting watermelon with children is rewarding, fun, and a great way to introduce the idea of gardening and growing food. This heat-loving annual can be grown in all parts of the country, but higher temperatures and longer growing seasons are more favorable.…


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Backyard Bound Youth Summit

Earlier this year in mid March my friends and I at the Crissy Field Center in San Francisco, CA, put on a youth leadership conference for Bay Area youth. 120 high schoolers participated in this youth summit, with attendees coming from Santa Rosa, Marin, Redwood City, and of course, San Francisco!


My fellow interns and I had planned for this conference since November. We spent many months planning and preparing the workshops we were going to lead, the games and team builders…


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Nature Kids Event at the Wildlife Learning Center - Bring the whole family!

Nature Kids Fund Raising Event

Hosted by

The Wildlife Learning Center

Saturday June 11th at 3:30pm

Admission is $5.00 for kids and $6.00 for Adults

(2 and under are free)…


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Falcon Watch - First Chick Flies!

On Wednesday evening, Tower City Security called volunteer nest monitor Mr. Scott Wright to report that a juvenile falcon had been spotted on the ground in front of the building. The FalconCam caught an image of the juvenile just before it took off on its first flight.…


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“Feel the Life”

My daughter Aurora wanted me to go outside with her and check on her tent. We slept outside the night before, her tent was still set up and it was raining. I started to put on my puddle jumpers and she said, “Don’t wear your boots, let’s go barefoot so we can feel the life.”  So we walked outside without our shoes, it was a bit cold, a lot wet, sometimes pokey—sticks, other…


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Rabbit Hill, a great summer read for the whole family!

I love books and I love book clubs, so it just seems natural to start a book club within this blog. On the first day of each month I will announce the book we will share—read the book and post comments.

I would like to feature Rabbit Hill by Robert…


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Falcon Watch - Chicks think about flying

Where have all the falcons gone? Out walking on the building’s ledges! (That’s Dad on the lower ledge watching 2 juveniles above).

If you’ve been watching the FalconCams lately, you know that the nest is empty much of the time. Here is someone out for a walk…..

And where has all the down gone? Going, going………………


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