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Jelly Delight

Featuring guest artist, student Miranda Andersen!

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"A beautiful book that illuminates the crossroads of nature and art"- Richard Louv

"A wonderful toolkit for natural teachers everywhere."

-- Richard Louv, author of "The Nature Principle" and "Last Child in the Woods"

"It begs us to get outdoors"…


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Dear Rachel

Fifty years ago to this very day—September 27, 1962—your world-changing book Silent Spring was first published. Though you did not live to see the full revolution that ensued, rest assured that the book’s impact has been immense: the environmental movement, Environmental Protection Agency, banning of various pesticides, Earth Day,  . . . on and on.

It’s not surprising, then, that for most people, the name Rachel Carson still brings to mind an ardent activist bravely…


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Tick Troubles

Tick Troubles

            Repeated experience makes us more comfortable.  Airplane traveling, driving in rush hour on roundabouts, or speaking in front of a crowd can be unnerving experiences at first.  Amazingly, sometimes, they become second nature with exposure and practice.  I never realized until recently however, that an experience I took for granted, that I assumed to be a human birthright, is in fact becoming rare enough to warrant concern.  I am talking about the simple…


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Conservation Kids Video Cultivates Into Conservation Kids Club

In Central Maryland, my featured C&NN video Conservation Kids:   Edventures Inside Green Ridge State Forest is being used on October 2nd to start “Conservation Kids Club” for volunteers ages 12 to 17. 

The information session is being hosted by the Eldersburg Branch Library.  Naturalist Max Bukowitz of Piney Run Nature Center will teach volunteers to mentor local 4th graders about  natural

resources related to our state and the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

One more…


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National Public Lands Day Proclamation for the City of Ridgecrest California

Teaching Kids To Fish now has Proclamation from the City of Ridgecrest, California for National Public Lands Day that says The City Council of the City of Ridgecrest dose hereby proclaim September 29 1012 as National Public Lands Day and call upon the citizens of Ridgecrest, California to recognize and participate in this special observance. Volunteering with Teaching Kids To…


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Raising a Citizen

African Cats is a documentary that was released by Disney Nature last year on Earth Day. It is a true story that features two star felines: Mara, a lion cub, and Sita, a cheetah mother of five. Both cats live on the Savannah in Africa.

The film has the dramatic power that comes from…


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The Tipping Point for The New Nature Movement

In his national best selling book “The Tipping Point” author Malcolm Gladwell discusses a few reasons that some products and ideas become huge success stories and others do not. Mr. Gladwell argues that at some point in time "an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire."  Successful products or ideas that spread over a wide demographic do so not because of the direct actions of their creators but because they happened to catch the attention of…


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My New Project Needs Your Support!

Hello Everyone!

I am excited to introduce to you Kids In the Woods Initiative--K.I.W.I. As Founder & Executive Director of K.I.W.I., I hope that we can count on your support!  Please visit our Fundraising Campaign here:

Kids In the Woods Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reconnecting children and youth to nature through…


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Get Outside This Autumn

Fall is the perfect season to encourage kids to be outdoors - cooler weather, beautiful leaves and fun ways to observe nature.  We've got 17 Outdoor Activities to enjoy this Autumn to encourage families to spend more time in nature.

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As my colleague Aaron walked in from Church the other day, he said “Reverend E lit it up today – you know how she does.” I never imagined myself being a church goer; for all of my spiritual life, I h…

As my colleague Aaron walked in from Church the other day, he said “Reverend E lit it up today – you know how she does.”

I never imagined myself being a church goer; for all of my spiritual life, I had been the type of person who chose to worship on my own. And somehow I find myself going to the East Bay Church of Religious Science…


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Cosmic Sightseeing 3

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My interview with Richard Louv

It was an honor to finally meet the author of Last Child in the Woods and The Nature Principle.  At the time of our interview I had already been working on Nature Kids for two years. Nearly everyone I had met during the production of Nature Kids was in someway inspired by the work of this man. What would he be like? What would he say?  Needless to say, I was a little taken by surprise when he began our interview by telling me his name was Tom Waits and that he sings…


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Nature Kids: The Finishing Touches

What is Nature Kids?

In the not-too-distant past an American childhood was defined by unsupervised time outdoors. It was a time when kids could explore woods, play in creeks, build forts, and stay out until the lights came on. Sadly, the days of a free-range childhood seem to be far behind us. Urbanization, technological advances, the loss of green public spaces and fear have given rise to an indoor and plugged-in generation. Today the average American spends 90% of…


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What the Potomac River Taught Me About Tai Chi


Along with the “day job” and working to get kids and families connected to the outdoors, I am also an avid martial artist.  I practice a number of styles, to include tai chi.  I call it a passion.  My wife Lori calls it an obsession (I’m a stereotypical German so there may not be a difference).  I’ve been fortunate to train with some of the best teachers in the world.  I now have one more teacher: the Potomac River.

The afternoon before the opening of the 2012 C&NN…


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