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Let’s Talk…Let’s Give Children Back Their Childhood

Let’s give children back their childhood.

Children are spending less time outdoors than ever before. “Let’s Talk” is a new online talk show asking QUESTIONS, getting ANSWERS so that YOU can take ACTION!

We ALL have a part to play in this revolution. Watch the videos:…


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Keeping kids healthy and fit. Should we boycott high fructose corn syrup?

A recent article posted on the Medscape website was written by liver specialist and medical director of the liver transplant unit of the University of Cinncinatti. William Balistreri, M.D. The article was entitled "Can high fructose corn syrup exacerbate liver disease?"

Dr Balistreri presents a number of concerns about the common practice of adding high fructose corn syrup to beverages and other highly processed foods. One concern discussed was that a person will not feel full…


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TIPS When You Have to 4-go Barefoot Goodness: Soft Soles = Healthy Development

Adapted excerpts from Eady's keynote to the Florida Naturopathic Physicians Association Annual Meeting, May 8th, 2010 in Delray Beach, FL. On Oct 1, Eady discussed the topic more directly about engaging Special Needs Youth in stimulating out-of-classroom activity at the Kids Included Together National Ctr for Inclusivity Trng…


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Creepy crawlers, flying stingers and things that go bite in the night.

It happens so often after a trip. Your child is scratching, fidgeting and you see a bump on his or her skin.

Your child may not remember what caused the spot or may be too young to tell you. Here is a little primer on what to look for and when to see the pediatrician.

Mosquito bites- The familiar raised wealts, on exposed areas are frequently mosquito bites. Although usually no more than a nuisance in the northern United States, these insects cause numerous diseases in…


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Lizard Town is accepted to multiple film festivals worldwide!

Lizard Town will be in competition at the FESTIVAL MONDIAL DE L'IMAGE SOUS-MARINE October 27-31, 2010 in Marseille, France.

Lizard Town will be showcased at the Bahamas International Film Festival December 1-5, 2010 in Nassau, Bahamas.

Lizard Town will be screened at the Cinekid Screening Club in Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 26-29, 2010.

Lizard Town was nominated for Best Documentary at the Danville International Children's Film Festival.

Lizard… Continue

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Gendered outdoor education: A load of Maloney

The nation’s favourite choir boy, Gareth Malone, returned to our screens to complete a new mission - decreasing the literacy gap between the sexes. To do so he has used the outdoors and a range of

unconventional teaching methods. Malone believes that school is not dynamic enough for boys and that by making lessons fun,…


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Adjuncts to Let's Move: Let's Move Outside and Chef’s Move to Schools

Let's Move Outside is a complementary program launched by the USA's First Lady in the Spring of 2010 to help solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation.…


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Outdoor Learning CPD for Teachers across Scotland

Calling all Scottish teachers! Learning and Teaching Scotland have just published a programme of outdoor learning CPD sessions. The programme can be viewed or downloaded from the Outdoor Learning Events webpage. Every school in Scotland has been sent a flier about these events.…


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Rare green salamanders found at the Green River Preserve

Alan Cameron from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission came

out earlier this month to the Green River Preserve to search for green salamanders

which are endangered at the local level in NC. He found three sites with

green salamanders – two of them had nests of hatchlings less than an

inch long (see photo). According to Cameron, two of the four sites would

make good locations to take campers for green salamander hunts.…


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Flashcards challenge- so many things to do outside

Need to add a bit of excitement to outdoor adventures? Try listing all your options on 3X5 cards and letting kids choose a card (without looking) Cards should be reviewed ahead of time to ensure that choices are seasonally appropriate, age appropriate, and compatible with available equipment, available personnel and present weather conditions. Be prepared to negotiate if the kids really want something different. A few to start you off.....

Fly a kite

Go Ice…


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Therapeutic Garden Intersections; Asphalt to Ecosystems

For those exploring options and development of transformational gardens: Therapeutic and/or Schoolyard.

The Therapeutic Landscapes Network's (TLN) new site is up.

It includes a directory of designers and consultants, a comprehensive list of articles/links and a handsome reference section.



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“A Running, Hollering, Skipping, Playing Place" - the Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital Garden

Topiary at the Legacy Emanuel Children’s Hospital Garden. Photo by Max Sokol

This is an excerpt from a recent Therapeutic Landscapes Network Blog post. Please click…


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A different kind of gardening book.

I have shelves and shelves of gardening books. Old books, new books, red books, blue books. ( I may have a few Dr Seuss books as well) I have books set up like calendars of gardening, books about herbs, books about crafts from the garden, books about vines and books about trees, birds and rocks... I have one book that is just a bit DIFFERENT from all the rest.

Most of the general gardening books have chapters about digging and composting, chapters about planting seedlings and…


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Autumn Bounty Nature Event from Chinese Perspective

I recently just wrote a blog about organizing nature activities in China, from an American perspective. Here's a blog within a blog, from a Chinese writer. As we have held our last few events, a lovely photographer and writer has joined us to record our time together. Though the comments to the photos are in Chinese, the photos are easy to review. I also just use Google Translate for fairly good and very quick translations. Here are the blog links:…


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What is the Best Dose of Nature and Green Exercise for Improving Mental Health?

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” -- George Bernard Shaw

This recent…


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Preventing Tummy Troubles on the Trail

Speaking with parents I frequently hear about kids with recurring abdominal pains, constipation and other belly discomforts. Many kids will refuse to exercise when they are uncomfortable and this may worsen over time. In order for kids to be healthy and happy, we need to understand a bit about the gut physiology, and need to promote healthy eating.

Certain medical problems increase the risk of recurring abdominal pains. Hypotonia (frequently associated with developmental…


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Secret Ninja Squirrel

Bloggers note:

As autumn rolls in, take time to encourage your little "human squirrels" to frolic and play amongst the leaves.

Mother Nature has some lesson to bestow via our furry friends~~~

by R. T. Eady

Like most people who have bird feeders, I've squired to steer squirrels from…


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Rocks, Leaves and Autumn Breeze


The Leaf Dancer


Take a walk and see what you can find below the trees.


Chestnuts, acorns and lot’s of leaves.


Down by the lake, hunt for rocks in the Autumn breeze.


Why not try making one of these….


Nature friends dancing


Acorn Boy and…


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Artist Multi-tasks Mother Nature in Elusive Landscape

A lament from the Children and Nature Network is that in the last score or so of years children of the digital age have become increasingly disenfranchised from the natural environment, sometimes with perilous implications, not only for their physical fitness,…


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Listen to the Garden -- Part 1

Bloggers Note:
The entry below was written to initiate our community-vested garden project at the City of Delray Beach, FL Park and Recreation site called Veterans Park. Delray Beach is referred to as the "village by the sea". For those interested in creating community gardens, we found clearly outlining the part people can play vital to moving our project forward. The second…

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