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New Film MOTHER NATURE'S CHILD Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our film MOTHER NATURE'S CHILD: Growing Outdoors in the Media Age is finally finished! The DVD, along with a study guide insert, is now available (www.mothernaturesmovie,com) and screenings are being scheduled. The first one is January 12th at the Loew Theater in Hanover, NH, to be followed by a panel discussion.

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The Pounding Waves at Twillingate

My recent visit to Twillingate, on Newfoundland's northeast coast, inspires this departure from my usual bug postings.  Just 2 days ago on December 26 I was in the community for a visit.  The province had experienced a few weeks of strong winds and high tides. Normally at this time of year the snow has arrived making hiking trails inaccessible. Not this year.  The trails are wet but there is no snow. 

I left Durrell and hiked…


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Fun in the All-Gen Sun: Lawn Sport Triathlon

Bloggers Note:…


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14 Gift Ideas for the budding naturalist

Shopping for the nature lover is easy. Gifts to help the nature lover, especially a budding one, can be simple and inexpensive. Gifts like these don't usually require batteries or cables. The object of the game is to keep is simple. This is about connecting to nature rather than gadgets and kids need to be trained to value gadgets. They can also be trained to value life over things.

For the wee ones, 18 mos to 3 yrs you want to encourage observation but they aren't yet… Continue

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Volcan Mountain!

I am happy to be a part of this group as I am a long time nature advocate!

I think of myself as an embassador helping to communicate what part of the language I know in regards nature.

My mission is to create a sense of wonder in children and help them to fall in love with their surroundings.

My backyard is Volcan Mountain. It is where my grandfather lived and rode horseback across its range.

He called it Gods Country, as do I. To fall in love with a mountain is a beautiful… Continue

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Afraid of Bugs?

It's an amazing thing - something in the back of our ancient brain tells us to avoid bugs; to jump, scream and squish any that come near. Of course there is a good arguement for learned behaviour.  A young child will most likely pick up a bug and examine it; one who sees fearful responses may respond likewise.  Many of our behaviours come from observing the norms of those around us.


So, are you scared of bugs - is it a phobia?  You may recall a movie called Arachnophobia?  …


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New book for 3rd to 7th graders

A Crack in the Night is an engaging, educational and entertaining book written for 3rd to 7th graders to encourage outdoor discovery, introduce the nature of science & to motivate students to create unique science projects.

Available through most online stores & at

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Nature Stories for Children & Jayátu Online Debut Holiday Tale

Hi Everyone

The Children & Nature Network is invited to attend an online storytelling event and I posted it on the C&NN events but…


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Bundle up! Don't let the cold stop you, get outside and play!

I just stumbled across this article, “Going outside—even in the cold—improves memory, attention,” that the TKF Foundation posted on their Facebook page, which is so timely given a conversation I had this…


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small people and big lakes

Ahoy all,

I'm new to this place but I share your interest in getting kids connected with the big wide world.

It's winter here in upstate NY where I work and play so I have more time to write and read about that effort. Most organized kid activity outdoors here happens in warmer weather.

“I don't think we celebrate the lakes enough” says Sandy Bihn, founder of the Lake Erie Waterkeepers group. I agree with her. It seems like all we ever see in…


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Look up! It's the Geminid Meteor Shower and a Lunar Eclipse

Now playing overhead: The dramatic Geminid Meteor Shower, which many astronomers agree is the best meteor shower of the year. Following that, stargazers could keep their necks craned for 2010's only complete lunar eclipse, which coincides with Winter Solstice December 21.

The Geminid Meteor Shower is forecast to peak late Mon./early Tues. Dec. 13-14, between around midnight and…


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Using the Schoolyard as a Teaching Tool

The concept of teaching with the sky for a ceiling and the natural landscape as an audio-visual

tool is both challenging and empowering. At a time when natural curiosity about the outdoors

is being eclipsed by the demands of busy schedules and the ever-present glow of video screens,

schools may become the only place where children are encouraged to interact…


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Local Sierra Club chapter posts Natural Teacher Award on homepage.

Here's the homepage of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club with an article about the Natural Teacher Award.

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Green Lacewing...a delicate fellow.

There are numerous bugs which live among us each summer and go without notice. This is especially true for those who mind their own business, don't bite or crawl through our houses.

The Green Lacewing is such a fellow. It is easy to miss. As the name implies, the wings are very fine works of lace. The eyes can be golden in colour. If they are resting on plants they are near invisible - about an inch long. Lacewings are rarely inside your house. Sometimes they give off an…


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Frode Svane: Adventures in Snow Play

The big freeze continues here in Scotland. The snow remains and to celebrate this unique opportunity for outdoor play and learning is a guest post from Frode Svane.

Frode is both an architect and a pedagog, working with…


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Child’s Play: The New Medicine?



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Poster "contest" suggestion

As a pediatrician in solo practice, I have spent years trying to figure out how to present the message of health and fitness to my patients and parents. We are up against big business in many cases. The marketing industry is encouraging the children to eat junk food, play video games for hours on end, dress "sexy" at an early age, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. We see very little marketing for time out of doors, natural foods, balanced exercise, sunshine and fresh air. This website may…


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Oak Leaf Mobile – Outdoor Christmas Fun For Kids


Had the wonderful pleasure of spending time with artist Annabel Stanley. Annabel has her own vineyard in the Central Okanagan, from which she uses the vines to weave her baskets and sculptures.



Annabel Stanley outdoors making willow wreath.

Willow Mobiles and Stars make wonderful Christmas decorations!


Here’s a short…


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It does seem like a rather odd time of year to write about bugs. I'll re-post the bunch next summer. With those final pre-winter chores outside you might encounter things like - centipedes.

Even to folks who are bug-friendly or even bug-tolerant, the centipede seems to be one nasty fellow. They appear out of nowhere, love to hang under things in your garden and look gruesome! All those 30 legs flailing away and something in the back of our brain says 'this thing is…


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Mother Nature's Child Film Finished!

We are delighted to announce the completion of MOTHER NATURE'S CHILD, our film about nature's important role in child health and development. The film focuses on three phases of childhood -- preschool, middle childhood and adolescence. Footage was shot in a variety of settings, urban and rural, and includes some unique scenarios: a group of inner city students learning to fly fish, a sixth grade teacher who…

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