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Embracing Winter, Scandinavian Style! by Mary Zentara at The North Branch Nature Center, Vermont

It is zero degrees out and the snow is falling. As I write this blog, my seven year old daughter is outside standing perfectly still next to the bird feeder hanging from a tree branch. Her hand is outstretched and holding a small pile of black oiled sunflower seeds. The warmth of her bodied is sealed in many layers and a balaclava that is covering her chin, cheeks, and nose. A thick hat sits atop her head and the only part of her body that is uncovered is a narrow band around her…

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First Week of Forest Preschool at The North Branch Nature Center

I noticed two major signs of fall this week:  the temps were crisp and cool in the morning, and eager 3, 4, and 5 year olds started their first week of Forest Preschool!  Being outside the whole time, the children used their imaginations and took advantage of the forest to have a grand old time.
Our days always start with "Loose Parts Play."  As Forest Preschool teachers, we embrace the adage, "One man's trash is…

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Building Our Play Spaces

 The Forest Preschoolers are active, imaginative, and LOVE to build.  They love to create their worlds, and will craft pretty much anything they can get their hands on into elaborate scenes.  Much of our mornings focus around building in some form, and pretty much everyone…

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Quiet in the Forest

Quiet in the Forest

It's the beginning of all our ECO (Educating Children Outdoors) programs in surrounding schools and the students have fallen back into our outdoor learning routines beautifully. The crisp fall air, the stunning colors of autumn and…

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Look What We Found!

Look What We Found!

by, Amy Butler

North Branch Nature Center

Montpelier, Vermont

The following conversation was recorded this spring in Harrison Field during an ECO day with children from Union Elementary School.  …


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One Teacher, One School, One Community

I love my job. I get to be outside wandering through streams and navigating forests with some of the most incredible human beings,..children. I can not tell you how much I learn from my young friends in a simple blog post. I have learned patience, compassion, self efficacy, resilency, and the process of healing.  For the last 7 months I have been working with a…

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5 Ways to Make it Better

5 Ways to Make it Better…


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If A Child Picks Up a Stick in the Forest,.....

What happens if a child picks up a stick in the forest? It's not a question of if, because they do and they will! When a child does pick one up, what does that stick become? Working with school teachers, this is one of the first concerns of being outside with a classroom of curious children. Do we let them play with sticks? And what does it look, feel, and sound like if 20 children are wielding sticks in the forest? Laying down a rule of "no picking up sticks" is like taking…


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All Day Outside

Exploring a winter creek

It's another…


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ECO - Educating Children Outdoors - Winter Learning in Vermont

Frank the River Otter and 12 Kindergartners

Frank in  the classroom 

Who's your favorite river otter?…


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ECO- Educating Children Outdoors

ECO - Educating Children Outdoors

The ECO program at North Branch Nature Center is a new project that helps reconnect children with the natural world and foster stewardship in their communities.  Through collaboration with public schools, preschools, and daycare facilities, ECO helps to open the doors to the joy of learning outside in all kinds of weather. By using city parks, public lands, and other local green spaces…

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