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The Imploding Iceberg

My home province of Newfoundland and Labrador has so many natural gifts that for those of us living here, we tend to take them for granted.  Growing up near the ocean, and being the son of a fisherman, seeing icebergs was a near daily occurance. Over the years I've seen many different shapes and sizes, both up close and far away.   A cool thing is when icebergs 'founder' - when they flip over or break apart.  It tends to happen in seconds and shows the amazing power of when something so big…


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The Dragonfly - my favourite!

The Dragonfly.  It is one of the largest insects you'll see around.  Most people avoid them for fear of their biting or stinging abilities. Still, their helicopter-like flight makes us pause in amazement when they hover over ponds or in our gardens. It's just that they look like they could do some damage. In Newfoundland we've dubbed them with names such as horse stinger and devil's darning needle - the latter more common in areas settled by the Irish.  My boyhood logic told me to avoid…


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This Carpenter is a Sow Bug!

The Sow Bug is a small humble little guy.  They are common in gardens though tend to stay out of sight.  Sow Bugs seem skilled at getting into your house as well. This is especially true if you have an older home or one without a finished concrete basement.  In Newfoundland they are commonly called wood lice, carpenters and even boat builders.

Sow Bugs can be found gathered at near rotting wood so are considered pests by some.  However most of the time they are content to remain in…


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The Pounding Waves at Twillingate

My recent visit to Twillingate, on Newfoundland's northeast coast, inspires this departure from my usual bug postings.  Just 2 days ago on December 26 I was in the community for a visit.  The province had experienced a few weeks of strong winds and high tides. Normally at this time of year the snow has arrived making hiking trails inaccessible. Not this year.  The trails are wet but there is no snow. 

I left Durrell and hiked…


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Afraid of Bugs?

It's an amazing thing - something in the back of our ancient brain tells us to avoid bugs; to jump, scream and squish any that come near. Of course there is a good arguement for learned behaviour.  A young child will most likely pick up a bug and examine it; one who sees fearful responses may respond likewise.  Many of our behaviours come from observing the norms of those around us.


So, are you scared of bugs - is it a phobia?  You may recall a movie called Arachnophobia?  …


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Green Lacewing...a delicate fellow.

There are numerous bugs which live among us each summer and go without notice. This is especially true for those who mind their own business, don't bite or crawl through our houses.

The Green Lacewing is such a fellow. It is easy to miss. As the name implies, the wings are very fine works of lace. The eyes can be golden in colour. If they are resting on plants they are near invisible - about an inch long. Lacewings are rarely inside your house. Sometimes they give off an…


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It does seem like a rather odd time of year to write about bugs. I'll re-post the bunch next summer. With those final pre-winter chores outside you might encounter things like - centipedes.

Even to folks who are bug-friendly or even bug-tolerant, the centipede seems to be one nasty fellow. They appear out of nowhere, love to hang under things in your garden and look gruesome! All those 30 legs flailing away and something in the back of our brain says 'this thing is…


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An Ideal Bug For Kids

Most kids are intrigued by things that crawl. The question is - which bugs are so harmless that kids (or yourself) might be very comfortable touching them? One option is the Stink Bug. I know, not exactly the best name for a 'touching' recommendation.

Stink Bugs are common throughout the summer. If you are clothesline person no doubt one has made its way into the house. They are about the size of your fingernail. Stink Bugs have sucking mouth parts so pose no threat to you.…


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The Earwig!

With their thin bodies and stealth they seem to easily make their way into our homes. We don't like to pick them up because of the scary-looking pinchers. The actual name for those things is cerci. Earwigs use them for defense against other insects. However, they will give you a pinch if you place your finger close enough - they are basically harmless.

How about your ears? The name earwig comes from the old superstition that they crawl in to people's ears. Fortunately, this is…


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