I submit that there is no better way to spend time with your family than exploring nature and the outdoors. Rejuvenating fresh air, Infinite opportunities to both learn and teach, unlimited stones to overturn, pine cones and sticks to collect, and a world so vast it should take even the most intrepid little explorer hours to investigate before any redirection is required.

Camping is an inexpensive way to immerse yourself in nature, inspire your little one, and get away from the hustle of everyday life. The memories formed on family camping trips will have a lasting impact, in order to help you have a fantastic trip that everyone will enjoy we have put together 10 tips for camping with your baby to ensure a smooth, hassle free adventure for all.

1. Don’t forget the basics

Were going camping right!? That means we need to make sure that we have all of the proper gear, create a checklist and pack the night before as you will not have access to conveniences.

Tent, Lantern, flashlights, garbage bags, utensils, paper towels, firewood, firestarter, sleeping bags, air mattress, cooler, ice, camp stove.

Headlamp – you will want your hands free for those night time diaper changes!

of course you remembered your diapers, wipes and changing mat right!?

2. Sleeping

Be prepared to relax your sleeping schedule. High energy days spent exploring will lead to an earlier bed time while an early morning sun will serve as a natural alarm clock lighting and heating up the tent.

If baby is sleeping co-sleeping in the tent be sure to position her away from the side of the tent. As moisture starts to accumulated on the outer layer of the tent, the slightest touch can bring it inside! Keep your baby dry and warm by keeping them away from the walls. Properly ventilating your tent will reduce moisture build up.

Baby tent! – if your tent is big enough go ahead and bring your pack n play! if not the Peapod Popup Tent is a great/ fun way to contain your little camper in their very own tent and Can be set up inside your tent! Another fantastic solution is the Go Crib ultra portable pack n play.

3. Skin Protection

Natural sunblock – DON’T forget the sunblock. Since you will be out in the elements without the means to just run inside, it will be important the protect your babies skin. Be sure the label reads UVA and UVB as well as offers long spectrum protection. We like Natures Gate Kid Block as it is rubs in easily without creating a mess (like other natural brands tend to do).

Natural Bug Repellant – DDT free!
Citronella candles
common sense – no scented lotions

4. Food

Prepare all food for baby in advance – Try to bring items that will not spoil in a cooler when the ice melts. Think sweet potatoes, rice, lentils, apple sauce, oatmeal, bannanas, avocados.
we absolutely LOVE the beaba babycook a steamer and a blender that quickly and easily prepares a meal. We then use the beaba multiportions freezer tray to easily fit the meals in our cooler. Bring snacky low effort foods that can be handed over to your baby while on the go!

5. Clothing

Pack layers – a good tip for everybody – light airy clothing – that can be layered at night but easily removed when the tent heats up in the morning. No matter how hot it will be during the day be prepared for chilly / cold nights. Few things can turn a good trip into a bad as quickly as a cold night without proper insulation!

6. Transport

Stroller / carrier  - we find that our stroller is a great tool to walk baby to sleep. A days worth of adventure and a quick stroll around the campground is all it takes! Our little one is out like a light and can easily be transferred into the tent

7. Mosquito Netting

Whether you bring your pack n play, or your baby is content in the stroller it will be useful to have mosquito netting for naptime. The netting can be used to slip over the pack n play or stroller.

8. Chair

Since you won’t be bringing your high chair with you! The bumbo chair is a great way to position baby when it’s time to eat. Can be propped up on top of the picnic table or set on the ground.

9. Toys

dont forget those distraction items for when you or your child tire from exploring. Take them out a few at a time in order to increase their effectiveness.

10. Location

When possible choose a location that offers exciting stimulation. A stream, lake, area to roam are all great ways to pass time in the outdoors exporing.

Tell us about your trips! we would love to hear your camping stories and see your pictures!

We hope you found these travel tips helpful! Have any questions or concerns? Did we miss anything? let us know in the comments below! Please check our recommended products page often or join our mailing list for free updates. Please stop by our blog at Carrotsandcloth.com we aim to be your go to resource for Natural Parenting information.  now.... Stop reading! and get outside!

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