As new generation digital trends continuously dominate your children’s daily activities, the extinction of outdoor play becomes increasingly prominent.

There are several reasons why kids should go outside. If you’ll read the article in the Business Insider, you’ll find that kids who habitually walk outdoors will likely have sharper memories than those who don’t. As reported in this study, it was found out that students who walked along trees performed 20% better in a memory test than those who did not.

Motivate your kids to spend time outdoors. Entice your little ones’ interest with exciting play ideas for kids they won’t be able to resist.


1. Hidden Play in an Outdoor Fort

Photo courtesy of Megan Ramey-Keelin via Pinterest


Create an outdoor play space for your kids as good as an indoor play area. Enjoying a hidden house play is possible in a tiny, yet comfortable outdoor fort.

Let your kids have a make-believe cooking play inside a fort, without sacrificing quality time outdoors. Let the fun begin by making your children use an iPad inside their fort while playing house. Arranging the cooking toys ingeniously in accordance to the pattern from an iPad image maximizes your kids’ sensational playing experiences.


2. Gowalla and Foursquare Work Great with Social Media



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Gowalla and Foursquare let you capture kids’ exciting moments spent in your own backyard’s residential playground. Kids will be able to share photos of great bonding moments with friends in a picnic in your backyard on Facebook, thanks to Gowalla and Foursquare online applications. Getting rewarding badges and virtual items from these applications will motivate your kids to enjoy nature even more.


3. Solve Mystery with Traveler’s Quest’s Help

Photo courtesy of Laura Walton via Pinterest


Make your kiddie nature-themed playground adventurous and tricky. Challenge your kids to look for items on a treasure hunt in public parks or playgrounds. Traveler’s Quest is an exciting online treasure hunt game that your kids may refer to as a guide, before taking you on for the challenge.


4. Project NOAH Lets Your Kids Educate

Photo courtesy of John Ghiorse via Pinterest


Let nature play ideas that benefit others, too. Kids can take photos of nature and make their own analysis of animals’ habitat and behavior patterns. Project NOAH’s GPS system lets your children share their knowledge to various environmental advocates. Your kids should find NOAH’s admin database convenient to use when sharing their photos and knowledge.


5.  A Homework about Nature

Photo courtesy of Michelle M. via Pinterest

Showcase your kids’ brilliant experiences with nature at school. Let them record the sounds of birds chirping outdoors using their smart phones. They’ll be proud to show their classmates and teachers the knowledge-worthy projects from wildlife they’ve completed voluntarily.


6. Get Fit Outdoors

Photo courtesy of Megan Dunaway via Pinterest


Schedule an outdoor workout day for your kids. Challenge them to get exercise in your backyard’s playground equipments, such as slides and seesaws. Alternatively, you may also test their abilities to get fit climbing trees for a couple of minutes or so. Require children to provide proofs of their physical endurance. Kids can do this by videotaping their work out activities using their smart phones or iPads.


7. Paint Using “Doodle Bugs”

Photo courtesy of About via Pinterest


Creating your own nature-themed playground that your kids will love has never been so easy, thanks to technology. Let your kids draw and paint the suggested appearance of your backyard’s playground on their iPad using Doodle Bugs app. Afterwards, ask them if they liked the images produced.


Guide your kids in designing your playground just the way they conceptualized on their tablets. For instance, don’t hesitate to put a lemonade stand for your kids’ enjoyment in their outdoor play space, as envisioned in the images they may produce on their tablets.


Work hard to make your kids benefit only from the best that life has in store for them. Raise well-rounded children accordingly. Bringing kids outdoors and closer to nature is essential in making them reach their maximum potentials as they grow older.


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