"A beautiful book that illuminates the crossroads of nature and art"- Richard Louv

"A wonderful toolkit for natural teachers everywhere."

-- Richard Louv, author of "The Nature Principle" and "Last Child in the Woods"

"It begs us to get outdoors"

"A masterpiece"

- Connie Weber, teacher and outdoor educator

"Activities that open the spirit"

                                "Encourage exploration and discovery"

          "It immerses children fully in nature"

- Thom Henley, author of "Rediscovery" and "As If the Earth Matters”



This delightful book with its artful layout and inspiring images offers a refreshing breeze.
It encourages art, music, poetry and creativity as ways to open children’s imaginations to the
infinite possibilities of nature. More importantly, it immerses children fully in nature so that
it seeps into their being through every pore, every breath of fresh air and every magical
moment where a boy or girl expresses their wonder and surprise with: “Wow!”

I once met an elementary school teacher who felt that written homework assignments were
cruel and unusual punishment for children after a day locked up in the impoverished setting of
a classroom. Instead her students had the simple after school assignment of spending enough
time in nature that they had a “Wow!” moment that they could report back to their class on
the following day. “There’s no way to fake a ‘Wow!’ moment”, the teacher told me; “it’s almost
an involuntary reflex. Fellow students know immediately if someone is making up their story,
so they must ring true.” What this innovative teacher had rediscovered was the powerful daily
lessons nature has to offer – an experiential approach to learning that research proves far
surpasses academic methods for understanding and long-term retention.

There is a no more formative age for instilling a deep love of the natural world than childhood
and the authors of this book know that. Use this book for inspiration and expand on its ideas
to create programs of your own. The key to success here is immersion. Get the kids outdoors
with a little direction and watch their imaginations explode with possibilities. - Thom Henley, author of "Rediscovery" and "As if the Earth Matters"

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