After many years of teaching at-risk youth and youth diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders in both a regular school setting and day-treatment setting, I took a slight turn in the path and became a wilderness therapy field guide and substance abuse counselor at a treatment center for wealthy young adults.  While spending lots of time hiking in the woods, I frequently found myself pondering about what the solution for prevention could be.  As my personal spiritual path took the main role in my life and my connection with nature continued to grow even deeper, the solution became evident.  We must connect and remain connected with the spiritual aspect of ourselves and that includes a deep connection with the natural world.  I have had hands on experience and watched the miracles happen when youth and adults are taken out into the woods and given a chance to really connect with themselves and the natural world.  The method of wilderness therapy is one of, if not the, most successful models of intervention.  However, it is only available for youth who are low-income (and even these programs are being cut) who have gotten into trouble, or youth who are very high-income who have gotten into trouble.  There is only one wilderness therapy program for young adults and it is at the top of the list for substance abuse treatment centers, however it is rather expensive.  Sure, there are many wilderness education and connection programs out there for youth and adults, but I have encountered very few that offer the holistic and therapeutic intervention that I believe it takes for our youth and adults to evolve beyond the self-destructive behaviors that are plaguing our communities and our world.  We have a new breed of children who have entered into our world during this time of great change in our universe and species and they need something different than what is being offered in our school systems.  For many years I have witnessed this, reflected upon this, experimented with this, and listened to parents who have begged me to create something different.  And so, the elders say, "Now is the time!"  I know that I cannot avoid fulfilling my purpose on this planet and contributing my humble little part to supporting the 7th Generation for the next 7 generations to come.   And so, here is my answer, here is my solution, here is my offering to the new children who have come to change the world as we know it.


The 7th Generation School is a supplementary program to support the holistic and eco-centered development of the new breed of youth. The school is divided into three programs: Earthkeepers (elementary grades 2-5),Wisdomkeepers (middle school), and Visionkeepers (High School). Each program incorporates indigenous teachings, sustainable living practices, holistic health, wilderness connection, and many modern therapeutic and educational methods. These programs are geared to be supplements to a standard or homeschool educational program. 

We are based out of Asheville, NC and offer distance learning opportunities across the country.  We are in search of Ambassadors to form tribes throughout the country.  Once a tribe is formed, we will then be able to travel to that area of the country a few times a year for intensive retreats.   If you would like to enroll your child but not pay the full tuition, email us to find out how you and your child can become an ambassador. 

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.7thgenerationschool.com

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