IT’S TIME TO EXPLORE! 102 missions that challenge kids to (re)discover our world. Kids of
any age can become guerrilla explorers and extreme missioners with missions that defy
gravity, see the invisible and test mental agility.

Mission:Explore is the antidote to the culture of cotton wool kids and
inspires young people to engage with their world in the most direct way
possible – by going out and having adventures.

Mission:Explore is an interactive book created by the wonderful Geography Collective in an
ongoing project to further inspire enthusiasm and an inquisitiveness in young people about
the people and places around them. Completing each mission will help kids develop new
skills, resourcefulness and discover how their natural curiosity and initiative can lead to
exciting and edifying experiences. It is geography, but not as you know it.

Mission:Explore encourages young people to get actively involved with their communities.
Rather than receive royalties, The Geography Collective will donate copies of Mission:
Explore to children who cannot afford their own throughout the country.

Mission:Explore – summer festivals. To further engage (big) kids with geography
Mission:Explore style, The Geography Collective are going on tour this summer to spread
their creed of inclusive ‘exploration for the masses’ by leading workshops at Secret Garden
Party, Sunrise Festival, Latitude and Glastonbury festivals in the UK.
Further festivals and events are being planned.

“The Child Safety Education Coalition believes that it is very important for children

to experience adventurous play and risk so they can learn to manage risk and keep themselves safe.

Mission:Explore helps to do this in a fun and exciting way.”

Nicola Smith,
Child Safety Education Coalition (CSEC)

You can currently order Mission:Explore for $14.50 (
£6.00 UK)
including shipping. Order 2 copies and a 3rd will be given to a kid who can't afford their own. Visit for more information.

Download the press release PR_MissionExplore Spreads.pdf.

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