Get Outdoors Month in the Northern Hemisphere heralds the arrival of spring. Down here in the Antipodes we're heading into Autumn. Even so, April as outdoors month still makes sense; gone are the humid steamy Sydney days that for a week this year didn't drop below 30 degrees with many days exceeding 40. So autumn and spring really are the best months to be outside for any length of time. Less need to slap on the sunscreen, hats and mozzie repellent, and like today, beautiful soft and gentle sunshine. The perfect way to get your vitamin D fix.



To celebrate Get Outdoors Month I headed into the Royal National Park (on the edge of Sydney) with my three year old and nine month old. We were lucky enough to see some wildlife but sadly half of what we captured on film, including a sandy coloured gecko (still trying to identify) and an ant tunnel up a tree trunk, was lost when my battery went flat. Not to worry its in the memory bank, as is our encounter with a baby brown snake which slithered between the wheels of our all terrain pram before we could avoid it. Almost too much excitement for one day!











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