Bee-A-Thon, counting bees - it's taking the nation by swarm!

I'm Lisa Finerty, of Your Garden Show's Bee-a-thon 2011, a free, online "town hall" event broadcasting live July 16th to shed light on the plight of our native bees. I've attached the mailing at the bottom that I've sent out to multigenerational groups' newsletters and community groups earlier this week and invite you, if you have a blog or newsletter, to send it out too; it's great to do with children and with adults, and together!   Many of us are only realizing now how important the nation's pollinators are to the beauty and health of our country - and want to help spread the information.  After all, everyone shares the pollinator squad - and benefits from the biodiversity they support!


The people who "tune in" July 16 to the online Bee-a-thon event will learn from the nation's pollination experts how pollinators are responsible for one in every three bites of food, about their contribution of billions of dollars to global economies and the challenges they face from colony collapse disorder and other threats. Not only will top bee experts, beekeepers and key environmental players reveal the latest buzz on what's happening to our native bees, but all of them want to engage in discussion with people who call / log / webcam in.  Net-net, there will be many recommendations to make a difference this summer and beyond in the lives and health of the important six-legged - and two-legged1 - members of our communities.

The Bee-a-thon kicks off the Great Bee Count, a Citizen Science campaign hosted on in partnership with the Great Sunflower Project. We're counting numbers and types of  bees across North America and so help to shape bee conservation efforts of these pollinators.

Over the weekend, KCRA-TV in California had the Great Bee Count story, with our link and interview so we've started the buzz, and, coincidentally, the San Francisco Chronicle had a story on YourGardenShow as a garden resource. Our goal is to get ANOTHER 100,000 participants, with at least one bee counter in each of the 43,000 US zipcodes; we need to raise alot of awareness! Could you put in anything in your newspaper/newsletter/social media to help get the word out?  Call me if I can be of more help.  Thanks so much.


Here is a bit more about us and the bee-a-thon :)

Bee-a-thon buzz starts in Washington D.C.

YourGardenShow partnered with pollination experts in Washington D.C. at the USDA's Pollinator summit to present Bee-a-thon 2011 as part of the fifth annual National Pollinator Week (June 20-24) declared by the U.S. Senate.

"Bee-a-thon" is a 12-hour, worldwide interactive "town-hall meeting" happening on July 16 to "get out the count" with the Great Sunflower Project, a Citizen Science effort to count bees and help shape bee conservation efforts.  Bee-a-thon will feature experts talking about the challenge we face with dwindling global bee populations and ways to take action.  A live, online broadcast dedicated to bees and other pollinators has never been done before, and we know it will be both informative and fun.  We hope you'll join us.

Our goal for 2011 is to have one bee counter in each of the 43,000 U.S. zip codes. We think that seeing the bee count will encourage others to join the effort, so we've designed widgets that show how many bees were counted recently in each area. The widget can be downloaded and displayed on your blog or website. Let us know if you do, and we will post it to social media and on our site. The bee count continues until Nov. 1.

Download your bee-counting widget and "spread the buzz" -- is a free social network for global 'neighbors' to share their gardens and exchange growing tips and sustainable practices, while practicing stewardship of the planet. The website features a database of 14,000 plants, a "Glog" (a custom timeline garden journal), regional almanac tips, videos and plant photo-tagging. YourGardenShow is a San Francisco-based company and was singled out as one of five "social networks and wikis that have quickly developed an extraordinarily active, multi-user community and an exceptional following of users,” at the 14th Annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Awards in the 2011 Community category.

For more on the Great Bee Count and Bee-a-thon, please see:

For more on Citizen Science, please see:

To RSVP for Bee-a-thon 2011, visit our newly created event page:

Name: Lisa Finerty
Phone: 415-738-2476
Location: san francisco

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Comment by Suz Lipman on July 18, 2011 at 2:19pm

Hi Lisa! Thank you so much for letting us know about this. We (C&NN) featured the Bee-a-thon and the Bee Count /Great Sunflower Project effort on our social media channels. I also personally participated and blogged about the upcoming event. I found it very exciting and love partaking in and helping promote Citizen Science projects.


Thank you again for letting us know about Your Garden Show and its role in the Bee Count and Bee-a-thon. I hope you'll keep us posted about future efforts. Cheers!

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