Children and Nature contributed to my Healing

I apologize that I have been so delinquent on my Blog posts. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last May and, after surgery, underwent 6 months of chemotherapy. I am finally finished with the chemo and it was grueling but the prognosis looks really good.

Now, I am back out in the forest with the forest kindergarten kids and it is supporting my healing immensely. Being in nature is profoundly therapeutic for me; and, I believe, for all humans. The slower pace of nature, the natural colors and scents, the melodies of the birds, the softness of natural lighting all lead to a more peaceful and relaxed state of being.

For me, it is also therapeutic to be in the presence of the exuberant energy of young children as they explore nature. It really keeps me in the present moment to experience nature with these 2-5 year old children, authentically in as much awe and wonder as they are. Engaging in free and imaginative play is liberating and I firmly believe we would be a kinder, gentler society if adults simply played more.

So, to support my continued healing, I have written myself the following prescription:

1. extended nature time

2. lots of exposure to young children

3. plenty of play

4. lots of laughing

Thank you for your commitment to getting children outside. I look forward to connecting with more forest kindergarten programs in the U.S. Please feel free to contact me directly at

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