May 27, 2014
on way to lighthouseI had a dream the other day that I walked down a very long pier. I was in a place that was called Ludington in Michigan. People were sunning on the sand and dipping their toes in the icy water. The pier seemed to go on for days...Ludington's history belongs to logging and the incorporation of sawmills in all the surrounding areas back in the 1800s and also became a major Great Lakes shipping port. This day there were people enjoying ice-cream in the sun.  I kept walking on the pier as I was dreaming...almost thereWhen I finally got to the end, the Ludington lighthouse was a lot bigger than it looked from the beach! I watched people go up to take a peak.D at Lud lighthouse

I walked back towards the little town. I met many friends to play with in the park. Some were very warm and others were stone cold...

This guy wouldn't move a muscle and he also smelled kind of weird
This guy wouldn't move a muscle and he also smelled kind of weird
You are my very best friend
You are my very best friend


 My dream kept getting more odd...I played "follow the leader" with this group. They seamed really lively at first.

come one everyone - lets get going!
Come one everyone - lets get going!

I'm glad it was all a dream because it was strange.

dreaming of lighthouse
surrounded by lighthouses

When I woke up it was time to get going. Humom said we were going to hitch a ride on a badger. Ha! Am I still dreaming?  Now, this I gotta see!

ss badger
Well, this was way more fun than trying to hop on fury animal! The S.S. Badger is a huge people and auto ferry. Your car gets loaded on and then you can go take a nap, watch a movie, eat at one of the cafeterias, play bingo or walk all around the deck!  Before I knew it, we were in Wisconsin!  We crossed Lake Michigan on this big boat to another state where we continue the Dakota Goes USA trip!

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