In these overwhelming yet promising times we live in and, especially, for the future we want, our children need to be taught more about ecology and the environment and how these relate to their own inner self and identity as human beings.

It is my vision that Deep Ecology notions as they were once defined by Norwegian activist and philosopher Arne Naess since the 70s, added to further exciting developments such as those disclosed in Secrets of the Soil, The Reflexive Universe and in Sacred Geography (to mention just a few of the major contributions available since) are a wonderful and solid foundation for the development of a broader and deeper form of environmental education for kids and adults alike, that I feel very much attracted to develop.

I call my version of this effort, New Naturalist Awareness and, as an Illustrator +38 years in the field,  I have been developing an original form of Naturalist and Editorial Illustration blended into creative writing to inspire, convey and help awaken this generation to what will be needed in the near future, if we really want to meet and address the many challenges our collective environmental debts now demand from us all. Beyond Matter is What Matters, for we cannot solve anything really important without going much deeper in our scientific notions and this kind of work can definitely help point the way.

If you relate to this vision and like what you see here, drop me a line, I should like to hear from you, perhaps there is something valuable that we can create together. For more insights and samples, please do take some time off to check out the extensive links supplied in my main bilingual website: or search my profile on LinkedIn and Facebook, I trust you will like what you see there. Thank you for reading.

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