All winter I look forward to the new planting season. Yet each year I am surprised by how early it can start, and I have to rush to catch up. Peas, lettuce, and spinach can be planted in the garden in the month of March. As soon as you can work the soil, you can plant seeds. Any time in April, you can sow beets, swish chard, and radishes. All these plants thrive in the cool, bright days of spring.

There are so many rewards to planting a vegetable garden. The time spent outside in early spring is wonderful—so full of anticipated-life. The natural world is poised to burst forth in many, many ways. The childlike joy I feel at seeing plants appear where seeds were sewn is something I look forward to each year. During each visit to my garden I feel peace—solid fertile ground, lively green plants, singing birds, active insects, and me. Another reward is the gratification of tending to the fruits and vegetables as they grow and mature in the garden. And then, the sense of accomplishment I feel when I walk outside my back door and harvest food for dinner. It is a treat, a gift, a solid connection to the earth and to all the gardeners who came before me.

I encourage you all to find a small piece of earth, or even some pots, and plant a few vegetables of your own. Join in one of the oldest activities in history: grown your own food. And then tell us about it.

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