Getting a New Perspective On Nature. (Part 1)

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Here is part of my most recent post from my blog Let's Connect With Nature!
It's a little longer post with links and pictures...the entire post can be found here. Hope you enjoy!
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Getting a New Perspective on Nature. (Part 1)

One of our favorite things to do whenever we go to a new park or nature center is to get a different view, or perspective, of the area. We’re always finding hills to hike (or run down) and towers to climb. I also try to incorporate all 5 senses, which is another great way to get a different perspective of nature.

In part 1 of this post are ideas for getting a different perspective by watching and listening. In part 2, I’ll cover smell, taste and touch.

These activities can be a great way to enhance observational skills and expand your child’s vocabulary!

I hope you will spend some time outside and try them!

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