Greeting Summer Solstice at Muir Beach

Happy Summer! My family likes to celebrate the longest day of the year and the Summer Solstice at Muir Beach, CA, at an annual event hosted by the Muir Woods National Monument park rangers. This year's celebration was especially lovely, well-attended, and relatively warm and fog-free.

We walked around the bonfire to drumming, holding stalks of invasive (and unwanted) mustard plant, which we placed into the fire. As we welcomed the new season, we also symbolically let go of things that no longer served us.

Ranger Mia and others told us stories about how various animals, like the raven, and natural occurrences, like the tides, came to be, and led us in folk songs and summer cheers.

There was plenty of marshmallow roasting and playing on the small beach.

These folks did their own wonderful drumming, which pulsated along the beach.

It was a special start to a joyous season. Enjoy your summer! More ways to celebrate the season can be found on my blog, Slow Family Online.

Photos by Susan Sachs Lipman

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