Here is the first snippet from 'The Naturals - The Story of Windy'

There are ten stories within my book, 'The Naturals': The Story of Cloudy,
Snowy, Windy, Moony, Hailstones, Sunny, Rainbow, Rainy, Starry and
Earth. So I will give a snippet from each story. Not all together as you'd
all get fed up with me, I'm sure! (I love reading my stories and could
shout them all day long from the rooftops!)

The Story of Windy:-

'Another time when Windy blew hard, Tom saw an old lady running after
her umbrella that was blowing away. She chased it right to the top of
the road before she caught it, and then hopped on to a bus. Tom told
Mummy it was mean of Windy to make the lady run like that. Mummy said
it was quite lucky really, otherwise she would have missed her bus. Tom
wasn't so sure about that.'...

...'Tom decided then that Windy was, in fact, a MEANY Windy, to blow
all the leves off a poor tree who was just standing there looking
beautiful one minute, and naked and cold the next. Well, that was just
mean, thought Tom. Mummy did suggest that the leaves were now put to
good use on the ground, being a blanket for the worms and insects and
sleeping plant roots, but Tom was too busy playing a
stamping-on-the-leaves game to notice the many living things

I'll post another snippet soon...
Have a Windy day everyone; blow those cobwebs away! ...Sharon

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