Holistic Development Courses for Youth

Are you homeschooling and looking for some fun additional courses for you and your child? Or are you looking for something to supplement your child’s regular school education that will help him or her to thrive within that setting? These holistic development courses might be just what you are looking for. Each course varies in its length but maintains a similar format. The format involves a series of modules that contain a reading assignment, reflective questions, and at least one experiential activity. In addition, many of our courses include weekly meditations, ceremonies, and links to introductory or motivational videos. These courses allow us to do all the work of planning and you get to enjoy!

The 7th Generation School is a supplementary program to support the holistic and eco-centered development of the new breed of youth. We provide a variety of courses, workshops, and retreats for children and adults.  We incorporate indigenous teachings, sustainable living practices, holistic health, wilderness connection, and many modern therapeutic and educational methods. These courses workshops make perfect supplements to a standard or homeschool educational program, providing youth with the holistic aspects they might be missing out on with simple academic curriculums.  This program was created to empower and connect the youth of these times so that they may understand and fulfill their purpose.   Please see our website www.7thgenerationschool.com for more details about us and all that we offer! 


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