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Richard Louv recently wrote in a post:


. . ."In a virtual world where information overload is more accurately described as information underload, a little raw authenticity and gratitude can be a welcome relief.  So perhaps some of us can be excused for escaping the bad news for a few hours or days, as we lean into the wind slashing across a stream, and see the trout begin to rise, and watch a Harrier Hawk glide close along the field...


This post reminded me of the poetic statement I  recently heard on the radio from Anthony Gormley as he explained his installation called Horizon Field:


100 life-size, solid cast iron figures of the human body spread over an area of 150 square kilometers in the High Alps of Vorarlberg.


According to the artist, Horizon Field asks: “Where does the human project fit within the evolution of life on this planet?


The works form a field in which living bodies and active minds are involved in measuring the space and distance between these static iron bodies, and of course people have to acquaint with nature (skiers and hikers) to see and engage the exhibit.  When you discover these statues peering out in natural settings it suggests that one can't be alien from nature.


This design, the artist notes, "recognizes the deep connection between social and geological territory; between landscape and memory.”

The artist also recommends that like the barefooted statues: "dispense with your shoes –  even if just for 60 seconds -get in touch with the earth – get your most feeling part of your body in touch with all those different surfaces. The idea of this is as an act of solidarity for those that don’t have shoes.


Our feet connect with our brains and they are an amazing perceptual instrument through which we engage with weather, with time, with temperature. Through our feet we can begin to be one people standing through gravity on one earth…”

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