I'm a newbie on Children & Nature Network but an 'old timer' when it comes to the idea of children growing up in nature. I am a former elementary teacher turned stay-at-home-ridiculously-busy-mom to three young children. Recently I wrote a book entitled "It's Time to Play Outside". This book is a parent resource offering 101 detailed activities for young children to enjoy playing independently in the yard. I have found in my years at home with our children that there are many times, as a family, we are able to enjoy outdoor play together. There are other times our children initiate their own magical, outdoor play. Then there are those times they run out of steam for outdoor play and I have to attend to household tasks or to the baby and am not able to come up with novel ideas that will spur on hours of outdoor fun. I believe, all too often when other parents encounter similar moments, the enticing variety of electronic screens become the pacifier. It is my hope that resources like "It's Time to Play Outside" will become the 'go to' for ideas rather than succombing to the TV or DVD player. This book offers activities for every season, simple science experiences, creative play initiators and side walk chalk prompts. Each activity requires only 5 minutes of set up time and uses items that would be found in a typical house or yard. The activities can be enjoyed with an adult child care provider or played independently by young children. Even our two-year-old digs right into each of these activities. If you're looking for a few new outdoor, creative play ideas or have a connection that could offer this resource to other parents, please take a moment to visit the book's website at www.itstimetoplayoutside.com . Locally, this book has received a lot of positive feedback from parents. As children are home for the summer, laying bored on the floor with 'nothing to do', parents reach for the book, set up an activity and watch as their children enjoy creative outdoor play.  Thank you.....and play well!


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