A few days ago, we were at a crossroads with my son's Club. It had started out as a homeschool project: build a website, talk to other kids all over the world. Then it morphed into educational resources and Family Empowerment coaching.


Due to the somewhat emotionally heavy nature of coaching, we decided to transfer the Empowerment series to my website but that left us wondering what we'd do with the Club. There was a huge hole in content. We wondered if we should call it a day.


We shrugged off the big decision long enough to do our "normal workday" thing: research kid-friendly, educational and (still) fun things to recommend.


Somehow, I wound up at the C&NN again. This time, I saw something I missed before. Something that made a huge difference in our personal and career plans.


The Natural Leaders program fits perfectly with our values, things we enjoy doing and already shared in a smaller way. We feel like we're finally in the right place as both a family and in business.


CJ and I asked for and received permission to turn part of our family homestead into a Nature Kid retreat/camp! We're also working on our first traveling program called Creepy Crawlies.


Life is good! =)


Have fun and stay safe,
Pearl 'Penny' Lane, C.P.C.

The CJsKidsClub.com Webmom

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