Live the life you want your child to lead...

A friend of mine recently posted the quote "Live the life you want your child to lead." Who originally said it, I have know clue. I shared the quote with my husband who was starting to feel guilty about his time away from our son, as he trains for his attempt to summit Denali (Mt. McKinley), the tallest peak in North America in June. While it is true, due to his demanding job and the training he doesn't get to spend as much time home as he wants, and sometimes I have to kick him out the door to get his training in, he is content with the idea that he needs to live out his dreams and model for our son how to accomplish them. I love watching him scoop up our toddler and bring him down to the basement, aka man den/gear room, enlisting the Little Bear's help in his preparation to go backcountry skiing. My son thinks helmets are the coolest thing, because his Bop wears one. While I'm living vicariously through my partner, and am slightly jealous, ok horribly jealous, I know my day will come for my once in a lifetime outdoor adventure with my best friend.... we still are brainstorming the destination.

I guess the point of this ramble is... if you want your kids to dream big, and have the ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds too... there's no better people to model that for them then their parents!


Here are a few pics from the hubby's training runs:


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Comment by Charley Jones on April 9, 2011 at 4:51pm
Harmony, you've articulated what Ive been feeling for ages. Both my husband and I took part in a lot of competitive offshore sailing before we had kids, whilst for both of us it has taken a back seat, for me, as primary caregiver it's a really rare occurrrence. I'm not resentful at all but its nice to know I'm not a lone in dreaming of a time when I'll be back at sea again. I love the quote, if you don't mind I might put it up on my blog's quote of the day.

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