At I am running a multi post series on moon watching.

I remember, with great fondness, trips to the Arizona desert during the mid 60's to go star gazing. We'd lie on the car and my dad would point out all the constellations and tell me their stories.

Children love looking up at the stars and are facinated to try and find shapes in the stars. This coming Sunday's post at focuses on the new moon and finding stars in the night sky. There are links to Nasa's Night Skies Network which has sky watching clubs in nearly every major city in the US. I focused on the Urban because I often hear people express frustration at their nature activities in urban areas. This is a passion of mine.

Even if you don't come read my blog post (I hope you will though), if you have clear weather on Sunday July 11th it is a grand opportunity to go outside and look for the stars.

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Comment by beth chase on July 20, 2010 at 6:32pm
Harmony, that looks like an awesome book. I will keep my eye out for at my local stores. This year I am going to be teaching Integrated Physics and Chemistry and I am trying to think of ways to be outside for classes, as much as possible.
Comment by Harmony on July 19, 2010 at 8:38pm
Hello There,

This made me think of the book Moon Journals: Writing, Art, and Inquiry Through Focused Nature Study. I've done them with my students every year.

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