Nature Workshops for Early Childhood Educators

SPRING April/May/June

How to Actively Engage Children with Nature through Art.

The first six years of a child’s life are really important in their development. Being in nature ia a really dynamic place in which to learn.

Contact with nature is  essential  for the developing child.

In these 2hr – 4hr workshops we will focus on growing and connecting with the natural world. Fun and simple nature based activities to compliment the seasons.
  • Seeds and Flowers/ flower pots and herbs

  • Butterfly Cycle and other insects – pollination

  • Clay creatures and the importance of messy play

  • Birds, music and storytelling

  • The magic of Trees, tree disc necklaces and Willow wreaths

  • Empowerment Pebbles – we are all connected

Using these simple nature-based art activities infused with your current curriculum, will give you a special opportunity as an early childhood educator, to nurture in children a deep love for and connection with Nature.
I believe these hands on activities help make the creative experience far more memorable for children.

“Nature based classrooms; playgroups stimulate the senses, improve the ability to learn and help children to understand their place in the world.” 

Throughout my life, I have appreciated the huge importance and power of nature and know personally of its deep and rich benefits. I grew up in a home where art, nature and books were the stuff of everyday life. My parents, both art teachers allowed me the freedom to roam wild and my young mind was free to wander, explore and discover in the beautiful country-side of Scotland. That sense of awe and wonder has never left me. It’s what drives me to explore more, not just in art and nature but in life itself. The more I discover and learn the more I wish to share. 

Why Nature Art?

In our nature-based art classes, we have embraced both David Suzuki’s and Richard Louv’s wisdom and knowledge about the benefits of nature and Ken Robinsons’s wisdom about creativity. We embrace these sources of wisdom, infuse them with our magical creativity and actively engage children with nature through art on our collective journey. The children we work and play with, therefore get the triple benefit of:

• engaging with nature
• being creative and
• getting physical activity

As the disconnection between children and nature widens, I wish to share with you what I have learned over the years running my outdoor nature-based art classes. For me art and nature are as important as literacy and should be a fundamental part of every child’s education. Nature and art can be infused in all other subjects in your current curriculum.
The nature activities that I teach are fun, engaging and easy to do and awaken children’s senses, minds and hearts. 

APRIL 17th 2013 Art sessions with Grade 1′s  (Empowerment Pebbles)  West Point Grey Academy

APRIL 18th 2013 Early Educators Workshop (Surrey, Vancouver) Child Care Options Resource & Referral

APRIL 27th 2013 Early Educators workshop in Kelowna ECEBC (Location still to be confirmed) Info at: ECEBC

May – Nov 2013 Actively Engaging Children In Nature (Westcoast)

May & JUNE 2013  Actively Engaging Children In Nature Adult Workshops  Dates to be confirmed Kelowna & Vancouver


Sept Edinburgh-Scotland Date and location TBA

Oct San Diego Date and location TBA

Would you like to attend one of my workshops or hold a workshop in your area?

Please contact me with your requirements at :

Nurturing the whole child; Body, Mind and Spirit

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