I need some suggestions and thought this was the place to start. The elementary school my kids attend has several awesome gardens. We have a native Texas regions garden that is exactly what it sounds like. It represents the plant life in all 4-5 major regions of Texas. We have a butterfly garden and 2nd graders tend to earth worms in the winter and let them into the garden in spring. There's an herb garden and vegetable gardens etc. I'm in charge of 1st grade and 4th grade gardening activities. I want to take 1st graders out this month to have a "say goodbye to winter" activity. I want them to spot signs of winter's end. Not really the beginning of Spring but rather, the end of winter cycle. Exactly, what indications of winter ending are there that are not always associated with Spring? In terms of plants, and nests, etc? What are some indicators that 6 yr olds could spot? Thanks for your help.

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