Plant-o-biles and Living Script: Appreciating Social Design in Nature

The world needs more people like Roger Long pouring their love and creativity into the land.

"...a bit of a naturalist, a bit of a historian, and a bit of an activist, but mostly he’s a mixed-media artist..."

This video features Roger showcasing some of his decorative sandstone stepping stones in his "Native Tree Park". He's created stepping stones honoring the indigenous tree species that are found in Oregon.

It also shows the use of a 36 character "upright and balanced" form of script based on nature concepts that can be fun for children to learn and explore.

These open letters can reveal the intrinsic beauty that vowels already possess and reflects a truth and joy contained in characters that children can find quite playfully imaginative.

Unfortunately, this artistic path was quietly cleared in the late Summer of 2010 to make way for a broad, paved sidewalk.

To be prepared for the next installation -- that might need to be moved --Roger should consider traveling “Plant-o-biles” as an integral part of his next garden project.
Inspired by Serbian poet Vasko Popa ’s wife, who once told him she wished for a tree that “would run after [her] down the street,” the designer created a garden from metal tubing, castors, and colorful re-purposed cooking pots, these pet-like planters form a kind of pre-fab mobile garden that can travel anywhere with its owner creating a humble visual delight for all who pass by.

Just two examples of social design and creative fun with nature that children can appreciate.

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