Sing Along with the Best Christmas Songs for Children

Christmas songs are a fun way to get into the holidays with your children. Many parents are intimidated by this idea because they aren't confident in their own singing abilities. You don't have to be a great singer, or even a good singer, to teach Christmas songs to your children.

Think about picking up some holiday CDs at the local library or watching Christmas YouTube videos together as a family to get started. You'll be surprised how quickly you become comfortable singing with your children.

But how do you decide which songs you'd like to learn? There are so many great Christmas songs out there that it can be overwhelming picking just a few of them.

Start with some of the classics such as:

Instead of getting hung up on learning the whole songs, work on learning just the first verses of each song.

Then move on to some of the lesser known classics such as:

There are also quite a few fun secular Christmas songs that your children will enjoy.

Consider these songs:

Finally, it can be fun to learn Christmas songs to the tunes of favorite non-Christmas songs.

For example, there are Christmas versions of songs such as:

These songs are readily available online.

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