Woke up before dawn on our island in the Puget Sound to find our farm blazing white . Snow had fallen! We don't get much snow -- some years not any -- so seeing even the two inches or so dusting the Doug firs and the landscape is quite exciting. While the schools chose to have a late start day, we in the Vashon Wilderness Program chose tohave full-on fun. Gathering in circle in the meadow, the kids were high with rolling huge mud-balls of snow and making trails. Even so, a lovely quality of stillness descended and this day I finally felt the quiet that to me means "winter solstice".

Such good fun in the forest and meadow with snow, following animal and bird tracks, looking at transformed leaves, telling tales, singing ... and then a snack-luck at the end of the day shared with parents. I can hardly believe I get to spend my days sharing the enchantments of nature with kids!

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Comment by Suz Lipman on December 29, 2013 at 10:22am

Hi Jane, I love reading about the special solstice snowfall and the Vashon Wilderness Program. I hope you'll share more. (As an aside, my daughter is in college at Evergreen State, and she said the snow was spectacular.)

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