There is just something so cute about frogs; maybe it’s because of all the fairy tales about kissing frogs and turning them into handsome princes, or maybe Kermit has done his fellow frogs a great service and turned them into the loveable fellas they are. Whatever it is the little creatures are fascinating to us and to our eager-minded little nature explorers.

Following the life cycles of frogs from tadpole to adult frog is also an excellent way of showing your children nature at close quarters. Perhaps you live near a lake or pond that you can visit?  Pop along with your children and see if you can see any frog spawn, it’s usually about this time of year, when the temperature starts to warm up, that they start to mate.  A nice shallow patch of water will show them very clearly, and you will see if you continue to visit every few days, just how quickly they develop into tadpoles and then onto fully grown frogs.


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