Taiga Trekkers is a great group of active parents in Anchorage, Alaska. We meet up most Thursdays at
10. We have found the earlier we get out of the house the better we feel
and more productive we are the rest of the day. My little one often
takes a nap in the car or in the baby carrier and is tired out enough
to nap when we get home too. While we certainly aren't sprinting up the
trails, this group is intended for mamas and papas to get a little
exercise. Kiddos are either worn or in strollers. We take our time and
wait for each other to tend to our little one's needs. We also break to
let the munchkins get out and enjoy nature themselves. I try to make
every other week a stroller friendly event.

Setting off on trails we expect to find wonder and are not stressed if
we don't get to the final destination. Safety and sanity always come

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