Snow on a Saturday—great! Who scheduled the recent snowstorm? My compliments. On Friday, we knew it was going to snow the next day. We cancelled our plans to travel and settled in for a day at home. No worries about piling up too many snow days that would force the kids to go to school until the end of June. Traveling to work wasn't a concern. I know, two Saturdays to go before Christmas—lots of pressure to shop and get things done. But once the frustration of changed plans subsides, a day spent at home watching the snow fall can ring of times gone by.

Toward the end of the day, Stephen and Aurora put on snow gear for the second time and headed out for more sledding. As they were going out the door, they half-heartedly asked me if I wanted to sled with them, knowing that I usually don't go sledding. I usually think, "The kids are going out to play, I should put laundry in the machine, vacuum the living room, paint the hall, start dinner…." But instead of the usual, I said, "Yes." They cheered hurray, in slight disbelief, and then together we made our way to the sledding hill. I didn't even stop to put on snow pants, for fear I would ruin the moment.

Stephen and Aurora were excited to show me the best sledding spots and their techniques. We sledded down the hill together and then discussed that ride while climbing the hill for another. The muffled quiet of the falling snow in the fading light of  evening made our world feel small and cozy—just three sledders on a hill enjoying the snow and time together.

Your assignment is to leave the household chores, bundle up, and go sledding with your kids.

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Comment by Suz Lipman on December 29, 2013 at 10:23am

I love reading about your outdoor adventures, in all seasons! I look forward to more.

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