Take It Outside – I wonder what’s under …?

Turn off the screens—the television, the computer, the video games. Take time from work, from chores, from the day-to-day tasks that keep us busy. Adults and children, take it outside. Each week I will challenge you to see and hear new things—to hunt the woods for wildflowers, to find shapes in nature, to sit by the waterside and listen for unique sounds. So much to experience out in the world!

Have you ever lifted up a rock to find an ant farm or rolled a log over to discover a salamander, spider, or slug? Take a walk outside. When you come across a rock or a log that can be easily moved, stop and say out loud, “I wonder what’s under here?” Get down low and slowly lift the log or rock. You’ll see a whole worldthat exists mostly unseen. Worms, ants, pill bugs, crickets, slugs, salamanders, and beetles are all very busy living under things we pass by every day. Take the time to take a look. You will be drawn in and mesmerized.

A great book to enhance this activity is Under One Rock by Anthony Fredericks. He combines scientific fact with a cumulative story that teaches children about the critters that live under rocks. The rhyming text is fun to read aloud and children will enjoy the repetitive style that allows them to be involved in reciting the story.

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