During the summer, my son William and I spent four days working together at Dinners at the Farm. As we drove back and forth to Barberry Hill Farm, we passed Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, CT. Each time we passed we talked about the hiking trails in the park. It turned out that William had done a lot of hiking at Chatfield Hollow with his friends. He talked about one trail having 40-foot cliffs and cool caves.

As a first-day-of-school celebration, I decided to try and find the trail William had told me about. I parked my car and headed to the trail entrance William had shown me. The trail went both to the left and to the right. "Oh no, which way do I go?" I wondered. Because I had my phone with me and because the way to communicate with a 21-year-old is to text, I did. He answered and told me which way to go. A short way down the trail, in a wet mossy area, I noticed some frogs. William and I both love frogs.

He is and always has been willing to jump out of the car to move frogs out of the road on rainy evenings. I took a picture of one of the frogs and sent it to William.

"Found a frog," I texted.

"Looks like a leopard frog," he replied.

During my hike I happened upon more interesting things—a giant black and orange

millipede, a toad, William's cliffs, a garter snake, and more. Each time I found something interesting, I stopped, took a picture, and sent it to William. It was fun to share my hike with him as it unfolded—me on the trail at Chatfield Hollow and William at school on the other side of Connecticut.

Your assignment is to choose a hike that interests you and a person with whom you can share it remotely. Then hit the trail and keep your eyes open and your phone ready.

For information on hiking in your area, contact your State Parks Office. Check out the following websites for more hiking information:

Appalachian Mountain Club

20 Dream Trails

Open Space

Happy Trails.

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