Take your Child Outside with Lucy and Flint

 TAKE YOUR CHILD OUTSIDE with Lucy and Flint. This is a way of getting parents and grandparents to participate in taking their child outdoors.
We provide a small rucksack containing Lucy the Bird Keeper Fairy and and Flint the Dragonfly Boy and a JOURNAL. Each child in the class gets the opportunity to take the rucksack home for 2 days. They have to look after Flint and Lucy and have to take them outside to play (this can be as long or as short a time as you wish): in your own backyard, a park, a walk around the neighbourhood, a visit to a relative or friend’s backyard, walking home from school etc, etc..
After spending time outdoors together with your child and the dolls, the parent discusses with their child what they did outside and record it for their child in the journal provided. Dating it and having the child sign it if he or she so wishes.
Returning the rucksack to the preschool, library or school the following day.
The Let’s Go Outside Rucksacks will be available to preschools, kindergartens, grades 1 and 2 and Libraries on request. Available from March 22nd 2013
We provide a small handmade rucksack containing Lucy the Bird Keeper Fairy and Flint the Dragonfly Boy and a Journal. 
To pre-order your  Let’s Go Outside Rucksacks email: info@marghanita.com
Here are a few examples of journal entries :
I took Lucy to the park and mummy pushed us on the swings. It was so much fun. The next day I took Lucy with me to see my Grandma and we played in her yard and fed the birds. I think Lucy liked the Robins best. My Grandma liked all the birds.
14th Sept 2012
We made mud pies and flint made foot prints in the mud and Flint ate some of my mud pies. Flint slept in my room and in the morning  my mom made him breakfast. I let Flint sit in my little sisters buggy on the way to school. He didn’t want to fly because it was too windy.
1st Feb 2013
I took Lucy to my best friends backyard and we fed the birds. Then we made a fairy house for Lucy. Lucy loved her fairy house.
22nd Jan 2013
Flint helped me make a snow den, then my sisters and I made snow angels with Jasmine and Flint. It was really cold and the snow sparkled for a little while. I liked the sparkles.

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