Milwaukee, Wisconsin – September 8th, 2013 – Tropic Life Pets is presenting Tales From the Bug Whisperer (EXTREME EDITION).  Award winning film producer, educator and entertainer Antonio Gustin (aka “The Bug Whisperer ™”) of Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo is teaming up with Natural Art Promotions.  The greatest traveling live insect show is partnering with the greatest displayed insect exhibit to bring you the greatest insect event there ever was.

Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo, famous for its dynamic theatrical show for kids, is presenting a huge array of live invertebrates that all audience members will be allowed to handle and combining its show with over 150ft of the most incredible display cases of mounted insects from all around the world provided by Natural Art Promotions. See something incredibly original, a little disturbing, and undeniably intriguing this Pet-a-palooza. It will be an awesome exhibit of art and education the likes of which NO ONE has ever experienced before! There will be live tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, beetles, cockroaches, walking sticks, black widows, wolf spiders and many more creatures! “I have been doing this for over 17yrs and have just about seen all there is. The HUGE exhibit of mounted insects by Natural Art Promotions still leaves me gaping like a little kid.” Declares Antonio Gustin. “I am proud of my live collection of animals but combining it with the exhibit of Natural Art Promotions is going to be an experience families will talk about the rest of their lives! I can’t wait for this to happen and I am very happy it’s happening here in Milwaukee.”


The event will take place September 8th at Tropic Life Pets, 7323 North 76th Street (76th and Good Hope Road) @ 12pm.


CONTACT: Antonio Gustin 414-810-BUGS,

Email: thebugwhisperer@gmail.com


Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo has been experienced at events throughout Milwaukee at such as Festa Italiana, Summerfest, Boerner Botanical Gardens and the Wehr Nature Center and has hosted audiences as large as 1100 people. Tony’s Creepy Crawly Zoo spends most of its time visiting schools and libraries in Southeast Wisconsin, and Northern Illinois.  It has visited over one million students in its 17yrs across the country and in 2007 received 5 international film festival awards for its pilot video WHO WANTS TO BE AN ENTOMOLOGIST? (VOL. 1 IN TALES FROM THE BUG WHISPERER SERIES).  Later this month it will be the main event at the Wehr Nature Center’s Bug Day and at North Carolina’s Bug Fest (the largest insect festival in the country).

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