My home province of Newfoundland and Labrador has so many natural gifts that for those of us living here, we tend to take them for granted.  Growing up near the ocean, and being the son of a fisherman, seeing icebergs was a near daily occurance. Over the years I've seen many different shapes and sizes, both up close and far away.   A cool thing is when icebergs 'founder' - when they flip over or break apart.  It tends to happen in seconds and shows the amazing power of when something so big moves. 

If you visit, and wish to show your children these ice monsters, there are many great boat tours.  If you paddle out yourself keep a safe distance.  They can be dangerous.

Twillingate provides an excellent place to see icebergs. The high cliffs there sometimes allow you to look down on whales and icebergs from above. The video links below are taken there: both of the same iceberg, the same time, but taken from at different angles. They show an iceberg taken from a high cliff and the scene really shows off the beauty of the province.

The transformation is sudden and dramatic.  Enjoy the imploding iceberg but stay safe!

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