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Looking for a constructive way to help the environment? 

We’re a group of people from all over the Lower Mainland who get together once a month (sometimes more) to help an environmental group, non-profit organization, charity or city tackle an environmental issue that needs co-operation and teamwork to get done. Gloves and tools will be supplied as well as refreshments! If you care about the environment, this is the group for you! Some activities will include:

• Pulling invasive plants that are overtaking our native flora
• Planting of native plants/trees
• Restoring areas along a stream, river, marsh or shoreline
• Beach/River/lake clean up
• Harvesting organic fruits/veggies
• Trail building/maintenance
• Restoration of wildlife sites

What will you get out of it? Here are a few things we think you’ll get. You’ll..

• Meet like-minded people
• Feel good getting your hands dirty and being active in something you believe in 
• Educate yourself about natural spaces and the environmental problems they face
• Learn first-hand about work being done in the lower mainland by different environmental groups
• Get the experience of a variety of stewardship activities
• Restore a natural space from a damaged state
• Be trained in stewardship practices
• Explore a nature space you may have never been to before
• Realise the benefits of working together with others
• Learn about environmental activities other group members are involved in 
• Get physical exercise
• Have fun!

Please join us at http://www.meetup.com/The-Lower-Mainland-Green-Team . If you need more information please email lowermainlandgreenteam@gmail.com

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