I'm very excited about an innovative project created by Parks Canada and Discovery World to recognize the 100th anniversary of Parks Canada. The National Parks Project sent 39 Canadian musicians and 13 filmmakers into 13 national parks to discover their incredible beauty and to celebrate it through film and music. I missed the first part, airing on DiscoveryWorld last night at 8 pm ET but hoping to catch the next episode, and happy that it's available online: http://www.nationalparksproject.ca/

 I love this concept, and I think we can learn from this kind of social marketing, perhaps creating our own projects through film and photography that celebrate (and even make it cool) to explore wild places.

Imagine, and this is an idea my advisory group generated during an open brainstorming session: Justin Bieber walking on a trail, or sitting by a stream, looking up close (and in awe)  at a caterpillar!  Imagine how many girls would flock to local parks!     

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