The Scripts in our closet we run on - Which words run our lives? .

Scripts! What hidden code are you running on?

It's 6am in the morning and an hour ago I woke up from a dream where I went into my garage to get some kit to run a nature connection day event and rats and mice jumped out of bags of apples and kiwi fruit that were hanging in my garage near my kit...

I know I need to sort out my forest school and family camp running kit.... but I just haven't got round to doing it yet... !! There is a voice in my head that says

"There is always something more important to do" is one of the scripts running my actions...

I have such a long list of "to do's" - but what am I actually achieving?

I know that as a nature educator I believe in the education work I do, because one of my scripts says "education is the way to help people live in more balance with the rest of nature, and care for all our relations." But sometimes I wonder if that script puts me on a blind crusade!

I miss a moment to be still or to be there for my family, to meet another's needs, to notice an emotion, to express a feeling, to show someone they matter.

We all have these hidden scripts, gathered in hidden corners...

One of the other, more insidious scripts is "it doesn't matter what I think" - and this is part of the grief I feel of being in my 50th year and not having realised some of my dreams yet - for example of living in a simple, low impact but modern home on land I own and nurture for biodiversity and wildlife..., and maybe like the apples and kiwis, the dreams are just going to be eaten by rodents.... and those rodents are my busy, distracted thoughts, my un-satisfied wants, my fear and greed?

So I wonder,

What scripts, what bits of hidden code, do I need to substitute and then have running my thoughts and actions, so I actually love my world, my family, my relations in this moment?

How do I provide a simple, low impact home for my family, that provides stability in the constant change in the flow of life? I want to be like an old oak tree!

What do I need to change in my self so I stop contributing to the destruction of habitat for my fellow creatures on this planet...

and if I know... what stops me from making those changes, stepping out of the old self destructive thought and action patterns, the well worn paths so many of us tread along...and stepping gently on a new path to love my world in a new way?

How can I restore the love in my life?

Re-storey my life and connection?

I ended up thinking (again) that affirmations are going to help to create some fresh scripts...

then I started thinking "but which ones..." and is finding/writing them just a distraction from my to do list!! Arrgghh!

Anyway... I will tidy my garage soon, it's in the diary for Monday, and put my thoughts into order with some affirmations in the mornings. Nothing cheesy... something simple and grounding... and here's one to start the day today:

"I free myself from greed, neediness and distractions and become curious to now, to this breath..."

and another:

"I let go of fear and choose courage, choose worth, choose trust, choose abundance."

What hidden scripts run your life?

What affirmations do you use to help you love your world?

More about Chris Holland: Read on.
I've been a self employed outdoor educator since 2000, got a Forest School Leader qualification in 2004 andn 2009 I wrote and self published a book, I LOVE MY WORLD - a playful, hands on nature connection guidebook, with a mixture of stories, games, activities and skills to help us all care for the planet we call home.
During lockdown I created an new, full colour edition of the book, here it is:

Chris Holland

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