Toes Knows Children's Tai Chi Meets TckTckTck

For those that saw the enactment of Teddy Tai and Teddy Chi on Oct 1st in San Diego ~~ A Poem employed as a way to have children move and feel balanced ~~ you'll also enjoy the video (link below) which shows TckTckTck the polar bear encouraging balance in the environment as well. These imaginative approaches can really help influence a generation to think and feel more ecologically . . .

Teddy Tai and Teddy Chi

A "Toes Knows" Poem by: Randy Eady

Dream that they are growing strong and tall
They step one leg softly to the side
As their hands float up to hold a ball
Then the ball floats back towards their face
With a very slow pace
The ball expands in their hands
Now coming together like elastic bands

Now I want to play with Teddy Tai Chi

My right hand stretches out to the side and eyes follow
As my left hand moves towards the elbow
I step with my left foot out wide
Then start to brush my left hand to the side
As my right hand stretches past my ear
Then pushes forward to here

On this morning in Oct (at the Tianjin climate talks) TckTckTck led a tai chi class featuring a polar bear to address the "balanced"package currently being discussed by UN delegates.

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