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Top 5 Children’s Books That Will Make Your Child Fall In Love With The Outdoors


  1. At the Cabin by Cheryl Wilke, Illustrated by Rebecca Stouffer

Going to the cabin is going to be boring without a cell phone or TV. But wait - there are stones to skip, a lake for wading, deer to watch, fireflies, and campfires and stories. Darn! We have to go home so soon? Detailed watercolors illuminate the natural world as this child discovers the fun of life at the family cabin and the wonder of exploring the woods and shoreline. A little vole pops up in unexpected places, keeping the youngest readers amused. Accurate pictures of north woods flora and fauna abound within realistic yet breathtaking scenic landscapes. This engaging story is an excellent resource for learning about nature, family, and changing attitudes.


  1. Leave Only Ripples by Consie Powell

            A family canoe trip into the Border Country between Minnesota and Ontario with each page presenting a new aspect of the Canoe Country’s human and natural history, blended with a typical summer day of paddling, portaging, and camping. Sure to delight any child who is looking forward to a first north woods camping or canoeing trip, or remembering the fun of a past adventure.


  1. Someone Walks By by Polly Carlson-Voiles

            Someone is walking through the north woods winter. Readers can see the tracks in each detailed depiction of winter habitat, but they don’t discover who is walking by until the final pages. On the way, they see frozen wood frogs, a bear in her den with her newborn cubs, sleepy chipmunks, and many other creatures surviving the cold, snowy winter environment. Children will enjoy finding the many animals on each page.


  1. I Saw A Moose Today by Anne Stewart, Illustrated by Brent Spink

            Imagine a child’s delight when wild animals appear in the backyard - first a moose, then a loon, followed by a lynx, bat, and others. Everything a child loves in a book is here - rhymes and rhythm, big words like “cacophonous,” and pictures in which there is something new to discover with each reading. An information page on each animal gives facts even adults may not know.


  1. Big Fish Dreams by Lori Peelen, Illustrated by Consie Powell

            Follow the tale of a boy, a family fishing trip, and a beautiful salmon traveling persistently toward her spawning place. Will she make it? Will the boy catch the fish of his dreams? Big Fish Dreams masterfully intertwines the story of the boy and the salmon while teaching children about ecosystems, watersheds, and the part salmon play in the health of both. A non-fiction section provides more detail about salmon and follows a raindrop’s path through a healthy watershed.

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