This is the time of year when we really notice the shapes of the trees. The deciduous trees are really showing off their “bone structure,” seeing the tree’s silhouette against a blue spring sky or seeing the darkness of the wet bark after a spring rain contrasting with the new chartreuse colors of early leaves… pretty!

We did a little activity today called Tree Body Sculptures, suggested by my sis Katrina who needed some pics of this activity for her arboretum brochure, we went outside and observed the trees first-

Then moved our bodies in different ways to mimic the shapes of different branches.

Becoming part of the scarlet maple-

Mimicking the ash- love the curve of the foreground limb-

Pin oak sweeps downward-

Another ash tree, need 2 bodies to mimic the upward reach of limbs; fingers spread apart as small twigs at the tips-

Mimic the magnolia piggy back style-

And Fauna found a way to mimic a tree using her shadow-

Now to sketch the silhouettes in our nature journals and I feel so inspired to make a tree out of felt right now! Happy Spring!

-Lisa @ 5 orange potatoes

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Comment by Laura Lamarre Anderson on April 17, 2010 at 5:18pm
What a wonderful, physical activity. I'm thinking of ways to move from the physical to a language activity. Maybe making similes? "Twisted like two wrestling first graders?" Maybe a simple list of adjectives inspired by the shape, then combined in fun ways to make a poem about the tree skeleton. Accompanied by photographs and/or sculptures - it makes a great classroom museum piece. Thank you for sharing!
Comment by Suz Lipman on April 13, 2010 at 4:40pm
Hi Lisa - I love this post. It's so full of joy and awareness and beauty. I'm very inspired by it. Thanks for sharing.

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