Recently I attended a class about biodiversity and sustainability and where I had to create an outdoor atvivity for 5th grade students about "climate change & biodiversity".

I created a very simple activity that had great results.

I took the class to a garden area in school where they could find both deciduous and evergreens trees. Divided them into groups and gave each member a magnifying glass, a jar and a plastic bag.

Each group had to choose two trees of different species and investigate each tree and the surrounding area, looking for clues of the tree's influence in the environment. Each group would have to make records of everything you find in its terms of registration and collect scientific samples of everything he found interesting to review later or share with colleagues from other groups.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, afraid that the students would not understand the activity's goal, but they surprised me!

The students understood what they were asked and were estremamente enthusiastic and dedicated. The groups have focused on all aspects very different from what became the final debate in the very rich.

A group of students investigating traces of organic matter found in soil.

This student found fungi in an old tree stump.


Students collected lichens and organic matter to review later in the classroom

One of the students taking notes in his science notebook

Debate at the end of the activity.

I was very happy with this activity. It is simple, very easy to develop but has so many results.

Students were motivated and made some very interesting discoveries.

At the end everyone said they wanted these activities every week!

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