URGENT: Voices Needed to Save Olympic National Park from warfare training.

Dear C&NN enthusiasts,


The US Navy wants to turn Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, home to Olympic National Park, into a training range for "Electronic Warfare". They plan to use the skies over Olympic National Park for  squadrons of fighter jets to practice "warfare maneuvers" 8-16 hours a day, permanently.The only thing that will turn this around is a national public outcry. We have only a couple of weeks before the Forest Service makes their decision whether they will allow our public lands to be used by the Navy for this purpose.

Please add your voice to the thousands of people who object to our last wilderness areas being denigrated and desecrated like this. Children and young adult's voices are needed! They stand to lose one of the most gorgeous wilderness areas of America.

See this editorial:


For a short youtube on the issue, see:


Please share this alert with all who care about the fate of our National Parks. If this is approved, none of our Parks will be off-limits to "militarization".

Thank you 


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Comment by Annie Harrison on October 30, 2015 at 4:04pm

The petition linked below is the best place to go to make your voice heard about this: With each signature  a letter to Under Secretary Bonnie is sent. He is counting the letters of objection he gets. Please add your voice!

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